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The fight for our lives. Crimethinc. Russian version

"People with very little knowledge of history is often said about anarchy, it will never work, and do not realize not only that, she worked for nearly the whole of human history, but also that it works right now. Let us for a while leave aside the Paris Commune, the republican Spain, Woodstock, software, open source, and all other limited examples of revolutionary anarchism. Anarchy - it's just the co-operative self-determination, a part of everyday life, not something that will not begin until "after the Revolution."Anarchy works today everywhere among friends - as we can do even more of our economic relations anarchist? Anarchy in action - this is when people cooperate in hiking or arrange free food for hungry people. How can we apply this experience to our relations in school, at work, in the area? "

"We have no illusions: there is no short cut to anarchy. We are not looking for opportunities" to lead the masses to a "- we want to see the nation overlords, we do not want to be the vanguard of theorists - we want to give the creative force behind the writing of readers, we do not want to be avant-garde artists, but we want to get a room actors.We not only want to destroy the power of how many yearn to make it available in abundance to everyone: we want to become masters without slaves. "

Brochure team Crimethinc, in which a simple and vivid language of images, breathtaking juggling terms and
meanings set out and commented on the basic ideals to which we all aspire: the anarchists and anarchist, apolitical Mssentatives of cities and villages, anti-political informal groups of armed rebels in the mountains and forests on the outskirts of civilization (and our homeland), gypsies, tramps and travelers on the roads and in the steppes in the heart of the Western World.

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