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Mysterious entity and a problem of polymers
As the monkey fleas, Russian leftists try to seek revolutionary subject, drawing attention to any displays of protest activity. Sometimes it turns out is not funny, like when, after the turmoil of the past for patriotic football related, some "finders" have decided to poke a stick in the nationalists, expecting to find among them some grain of truth. Search revolutionary subject has not yet before the arguments, especially against the background of the leftists outright panic, about the "prosrannyh polymers" and "missed opportunities".
In fact, historical examples tell us that the events at the Manege Square poorly demonstrate the possibility of potential left, and certainly does not allow anything to say anything about "prosrannyh polymers, or the fact that the Left lost the battle for the masses.Recall one of the most massive and organized European communist parties of the first half of last century - the CPG. Neither have helped her or thousands of protesters, no real army of workers at the beginning of the party, she did not work in 1933.Or reverse example - the Union of Russian People, even thousands, and millions of ultra-right organizations, represented in all organs of government, having in its composition of Ministers and members of the imperial family. Arrange such pogroms against which battered at the Manege Square - a drop in the ocean. Where did he go with all its members after 1917? So there is no reason for pessimism, unless, of course, does not see football fans the same revolutionary subject.Meanwhile, in fact, find it does not need it next. And called the same way as two hundred years ago - the proletariat.

What happened to the grave-digger?
Revolution makes those who need it. This is why theorists have defined the last century grave-digger of the bourgeoisie the proletariat, especially the revolutionary class. In those days the proletarians were very much like the gravediggers of all this glossy European Congress of Vienna, neoclassicism, a dandy and other tinsel, which stood for millions of beggars, gorbatyaschihsya fourteen hours a day, for the money, which lacks just enough to not starve to death.Proletariat had nothing to lose but their chains, and talked about what the classics.
Today, few of the Left sees its payment in the proletariat, if we talk not about the ritual repetition of dogma, and about the actual political practice. In Europe, no more proletarian parties, as there was not a proletarian in the sense that it invested in the classics. Yes, and the need for hired workers in the "golden billion" falls simultaneously with the production in Third World countries.All this has long been common in places, not for nothing that has a half-century theorists of thumb the idea that the proletariat lost its revolutionary potential.
In Russia, all this is a complaint to the inertia of the working class and its reluctance to change something, something to listen and do something, it is understandable because the Russian workers have much to lose. But the proletariat, the proletariat and the fact that it has no fatherland.

What is forged from tomorrow
How many illegal workers in Russia from Central Asia, no one knows.Conditions in which they live, for what salary work, why they spend years in a foreign land - known to few, only those who want to know. How many of them are killed every month by the Nazis, too, hardly anyone believed. When the dying Russian anti-fascist - it's a tragedy when Tajik guest workers - Statistics, at least in the minds of even those who consider themselves left. Today we have in the country several millions of workers living in inhumane conditions, subjected to constant public and Nazi terror, absolutely hammered and disenfranchised.Millions of proletarians in the Marxist sense of the word, the proletarians, with nothing to lose. But no one prints pamphlets in Tajik - the left does not want to teach him. Nobody arranges for them to attend free courses of Russian (which we can speak not only of Philology) - troublesome. Nobody is trying to arrange for them minimal assistance - a pledge to further cooperation. Why not? Wahhabi and radical Islamic organizations regularly recruit militants in Central Asia, which prevented him from working with them left? The idea of communism in fact did no less attractive than, say, the idea of an Islamic paradise with guriyami and certainly much more reasoned.
In today's guest workers has great potential and tremendous scope for action leftist agitators and organizers.Already today we can implement such initiatives as the same language courses for workers from Central Asia, legal assistance, shelters, feeding centers - this is the very proletariat, which for many years fetish leftists. These subtle swarthy guys in orange robes and have since tomorrow heroes.And maybe tomorrow the revolution will be speaking in Farsi - this Esperanto of Central Asia.

Proletarҳoi ҳamai mamlakatҳo, yak shaved!

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