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The phenomenon of "maritime guerrilla becomes nationwide

It seems that the phenomenon of "maritime guerrilla" became popular in Russia. Satellite just a few weeks after the tragic events in the Maritime Territory, Perm in the Urals and Bashkortostan according to several media launched an organized group, a similar "seaside guerrillas." June 12 was attacked by a post near the town Suksun DPS (highway Perm-Ekaterinburg), July 3, were shot Inspector DPS in Bashkortostan.

According to media reports of suspects in the shooting of DPS inspectors on the road in Bashkortostan, checked for involvement in the on policemen in Perm region.Investigators believe that the attack on the post of DPS in Bashkortostan July 3 and fire inspectors in the Perm town Suksun, which occurred three weeks ago, could be the work of one gang.

Attacks on DPS officer post under the Bashkir city Birsk happened on Saturday evening, July 3. Unidentified shot inspectors from the machine and disappeared. Identification of suspects in the attack have already been installed, said the publication of a law enforcement source.

"We know that there were three.This area residents Askinskogo Bashkortostan - 23-year-old Ilypat Shafiev, 28-year-old Irek Gainullin and 32-year-old Nafis Shaymuhametov. All were dressed in camouflage form. The post DPS they fled in a car VAZ-2114 with registration number T 428 TC 02 RUS, 2004 issue. The operation to search and arrest is carried out by the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service of the republic ", - said the source.

Investigators also conduct an examination of shell casings seized from the scene of the attack on the staff of DPS under Bashkyr town Birsk.As a result of it will be clear as to whether the assailants in Bashkortostan are related to the attack on the office in Perm town Suksun, but now the relationship of the two attacks showed a lot of facts, the newspaper notes.

Thus, in both cases the attackers were three men, all of them were dressed in camouflage, and according to witnesses and that in both cases the perpetrators escaped in a car VAZ-2114 with remarkably similar numbers, but in Perm, the car was white, but in Bashkortostan dark green, but the car criminals can and repaint.

"After the attack on the post in Bashkortostan in the Perm region to re-energize the search for criminals, as was assumed by police, both attacks are committed by the same people - said a law enforcement source.- Wanted VAZ-2114, presumably with a license plate 428, for the search involved nearly 300 employees and additional cars.

As reported in the early hours of Saturday in the 155 km road from Perm to Ekaterinburg unidentified assailants armed attack on a stationary post of DPS (Suksunsky district). One policeman was killed.Then, however, reported that the attack involved up to five people.

In fact state of emergency instituted criminal proceedings st.317 the Criminal Code (attempt on the life of law enforcement officers). According to investigators, the attack was planned for the post, the bandits held the whole operation for a few seconds. The authorities of Perm region declared a reward of 5 million rubles for information on criminals. In search of the assailants involved law enforcement authorities of the Sverdlovsk region, Bashkortostan and Perm region.

These searches have "yielded results: in the Sverdlovsk region policemen, who were looking for gunmen who fired on the post of traffic police, who opened fire on the non-stop on their demand for the car.In the car were two men - the driver born 1985 and his mother, born 1956, both drunk. They were wounded by bullets ricocheted. Both were hospitalized, operated on a woman. On the fact of shooting scheduled service checks.

Media: a "partisan", declared war on the police, found imitators

Earlier it was reported that the Day of Russia in two regions of the country were attacked on policemen: in addition to the murder of DPS in the Perm region, two more patrol were seriously wounded in .Were soon two suspects - they face a life sentence, write

The bandits have committed these crimes, then hurried to compare with the so , which recently eliminated in Ussuriysk.Four criminals from 18 to 22 years suspected of a series of attacks on police officers, in which two people were killed and four wounded. During large-scale operation were arrested Alexander and Vladimir Kovtun Ilyutikov. Two others, Andrew and Alexander Suhorad sweet, according to some sources, were killed during the raid, on the other - have committed suicide during detention.

According to some experts, the appearance of such offenders can not be accidental."I'm sure many of these people previously detained or serving sentences in prison. Perhaps they had been beaten and misconduct by police officers, so we decided to administer vigilante justice "- said the expert of the Institute of Human Rights Lev Levinson.


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