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Udmurtia: punitive psychiatry in Kizner orphanage

Administration Kizner orphanage uses punitive psychiatry in order to control children. According to independent media, the staff of the orphanage several times against the law to place children in the Republican Clinical Psychiatric Hospital (Kavbureau) in Izhevsk.

May 11, 2010 in one of the bedrooms is a children's home there was a fire, which gave rise to involuntary placement Anastasia Samsonova the Republican Clinical Psychiatric Hospital (Kavbureau).Izhevsk defenders Interested fate of Anastasia, 17 May 2010 sent to the republican prosecutor's office a statement about the illegal activities of the orphanage. But the Prosecutor's Office of Udmurtia, as usually happens in the country, still has not provided any information on this case, though obliged to respond to such claims within 30 days.

Given the evidence, experts Kama Human Rights Centre conducted a public inquiry. In its course it was established that this is not the first space administration Kizner orphanage her students to the clinic for the mentally ill.According to Anastasia, such measures guide orphanage uses for educational purposes.

To conduct an independent psychological assessment of the child's human rights activists invited to a psychologist, a former chief of psychological services of the correctional system in the republic of Tatarstan, Vladimir Rubashnogo, who, after communicating with the girl found that no marked deviations in mental development and the status of Anastasia Samsonova not."The simplest thing - he believes - to put on the child" branded "mentally abnormal," define ", he was diagnosed, what is often abused in institutions of this type. The basis of the work with juveniles in such facilities should be all the same psychological and pedagogical methods.

Agrees with this opinion and the head of the Human Rights Centre Kama Raphis Latypov, who said that involuntary placement in a psychiatric hospital should not be used as an educative, punitive measures."We believe that the actions of the administration Kizner orphanage in relation to the pupils did not hold and even immoral - he said. - Such parenting practices caused some doubts and criticism. We also understand the position of the prosecutor's office, we intend to file a complaint on her omission, because it is a matter of paramount importance - the health of the child.


In Russia, more than 1,850 children's homes.In orphanages, children's homes and boarding schools of the country are educated, and reside 260,000 orphans and children left without parental care. Almost every child care center children subjected to physical and psychological violence. Typically, in Udmurtia after teens leave the orphanages, they are not receiving any housing (the authorities are obliged to provide them with an apartment on the law) can not socialize.According to statistical data in Russia:

* About 15 000 children, aged 16-17 years, annual leave children at home;
* 50% of orphans after the children's home are at risk;
* 40% fall in criminal environment;
* 10% commit suicide;
* 33% are unemployed;
* 20% become homeless;
* And only 4% goes to universities.


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