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Makhno's march in Kiev

October 24, held in Kiev march "against capitalism," the reason for that was the day of birth of Nestor Makhno.
On this day in Zaporzhe brought together representatives of various anarchist and antfashistskih organizations and obedineney - Kazak-Siti161 "," Mob46 ", RKAS and autonomous action.

Among the participants were from the comrades of various Ukrainian cities - Cherkassy, Simferopol, Kharkov, Energodar, Lugansk, Kramatorsk, Sevastopol,Ieva, Dnepropetrovsk, and others.
At 12:00 activists gathered outside the department store "Ukraine", and lined up the column, and went marching on the festival area.

Marching carrying anarchist and anti-fascist flags and banners, lighted falshfaery and chanted various slogans:

Freedom! Equality! Anarcho-koommunizm!
Revolution, anarchy, Nestor Makhno!
Deputies in the mine, the bourgeoisie in the mines!
Above-above black flag, the state chief enemy
Death L capital, labor freedom
We do not care skin color - we fascism say "no"
Down with the fascists of all stripes: from the gateways to the authorities
Power gives rise to parasites
Dad does not know how to weep, dad can only take revenge
Destroy the state capital strangle
The Nazis killed, authorities cover!
Currently - the struggle, the future - freedom
Down with fascism, down with capitalism!

Everyone he saw were handed leaflets explaining (tml "> ) and a fresh issue of" Anarchy "
After arriving in the area of activists lined up in front of City Hall and oranizovaoli rally

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