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Help Yaroslavl activists

Yaroslavl two activists anti-fascist movement urgently needs your help! Xenia Choi charged under Article 214, Part 2 of the Criminal Code.
Activists caught at 2 am, when they were stencils, gloves and masks. The department held for 6 hours, after which came from employees of the department of "E" and began to exert pressure, trying to knock out the testimony. Xenia took everything on himself. 12 hours after having been filled with paper, the activists were released. The apartment activist was searched. They confiscated the leaflets.

The prosecution presented on 2 parts of Article 214:

Article 214.Vandalism
2. The same act committed by a group of individuals, as well as explanations of political, ideological, racial, ethnic or religious hatred or enmity or motivated by hatred or hostility toward a particular social group

Urgently needed to collect 30,000 to the lawyer, as well as money to pay the fine prior to the rate of 100 thousand. Reset the who, how many can not remain indifferent, because in such a situation could be anyone!

You can throw money at this number - 89036928737 (Beeline,money from phone lists to the bank card)
Yandex purse 41001871243937

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