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April 9 in Moscow will host a rally in support of the hostages and Khimki Khimki Forest

On Saturday, April 9, near the monument Griboyedov (out of m "Pure ponds", "Turgenev", "Sretensky Boulevard") will rally in support of defendants' case Khimki Alexei Gaskarova, Maxim Solopova and suspect Dennis Solopova, now time being in Kiev prison. Also, the shares will be discussed proposed cutting Khimki near Moscow and other forests for the construction of toll highway Moscow - Saint - Petersburg and repression against defenders of the forest. In addition to the speeches in support of "Khimki hostages" will feature performances of several sympathetic musicians.After the meeting, within 17 hours will be picketing the embassy of Ukraine (Leontief per., 18, m. Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Chekhov, Okhotny Ryad). Both actions are compatible with the Moscow government.

Recall is currently undergoing a trial of the famous Russian anti-fascists Gaskarova Alexey and Maxim Solopova, who faces up to 7 years imprisonment on charges of organizing an attack on the administration building near Moscow Khimki 28 July 2010 in protest against plans to cut down forests to build Khimki toll road Moscow - St. Petersburg and repression against defenders of the forest.Although, according to security investigation falsified evidence against the defendants to bring the case to court.

A third suspect in the case, a Russian anti-fascist Dennis Solopov, March 2, 2011, was arrested in Kiev and is currently being held in custody. April 4 in the Shevchenko district court of Kiev , where it was decided by the court on application to Denis Solopova extradition arrest.This means that Dennis will remain in custody until the Prosecutor General of Ukraine decision on his extradition. According to the lawyer Solopova, the court did not accept the defense's arguments that Denis before his arrest, received a mandate refugee status in the Kiev office of UNHCR, as well as what is currently being appealed to the Kiev Migration Service to refuse him refugee status in Ukraine.

Shares on April 9 in Moscow, held within the international

As part of this campaign has already held , as well as shares in = "Http:// # more-2080"> Perm.

Further information: Campaign to free Khimkinskaya hostages ": 8-915-212-74-17, ,



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