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Enough of people

who are sorry with the fact I got kicked out from Russia. You know nothing about it, you have never been in the same situation and you will never be. I do not want to think about the whole issue, so do not say anything. 

Consider a situation, when your feet got torn off in some accident. Would peoples condolences bring your feet back?
No they would not.

Condolences make sense when it is about some temporary loss, which you may get over with. For example, if your house burns down,  you maybe may have another house at some point. 

But what is the point with condolences in case of some permanent loss? Nothing whatsoever. I supposed, I am not good in social  relations, but to me this is obvious, for most of the people - not. Apparently, it is not social wisdom to which people are submitting, but some traditional norms of behaviour for various circumstances, which do not make any sense. 

 What is the point of "getting over it" in the first place? Obviously, it is not goot to be completely dysfynctional after some loss,  but if some loss in your life is real, you wont  get over it, never. 

We are like cups, which life slowly fills with shit. With few of us the cups get filled, for most there is enough space. Whats the point of tossing the shit over? It would mean degradation, wiping over the life experience which makes us what we are.  

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