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A Troubling Arrest in Russia!

In Yekaterinburg (Russia) antifascists arrested for taking photos with an Antifa Omonia scarf!!!

Two residents of Yekaterinburg was a day locked in a cell at the police station – the young people were trying to be photographed on May 9 (Victory Day over Fascism) in front of a monument of antifascist warrior/athletes, holding an anti-fascist scarf from the club Omonia Nicosia.

The police for some reason, accused them of minor hooliganism. “Around 8 pm on May 9 my friend laid flowers at the monument. Nikita asked me to take his picture on the background of the monument – he unfolded a scarf brought from Moscow after the match Dimano- Omonia in August 2014. On the scarf was anti-fascist symbols. Suddenly, we were approached by three police officers and began to complain about the scarf. We were detained and the police officers did not introduce themselves, took away our phones and Nikita’s passport, the protocol was not carried out.

At the police station we were told that the anti-fascists are bad people and enemies of Russia. You have to be patriots of Russia, and on May 9 we were supposed to carry the flag of Russia (who by the way, in WWII where actually fighting on the side of Hitler’s Russian fascists).

Also, they threatened the Anti-fascists with problems at work and that they would arrive with FSB (state security service). Three hours later, the young people in response to the question of when they will be released, or at least explain the reason for the detention, were explained by the detaining police that they would be awaiting orders from their superiors the coming morning.

They were warned that if they would still persist complaining, they would be locked up for a week! The conditions there were terrible: poor lighting, dirty floor, a narrow shelf to sleep, there was no mattress, pillows, bedding. When asked for a drink, the cops instructed them to drink water from the tap.

We were asked to sign false records, where it was said that we were arrested for disorderly conduct – obscene language in a public place. They said that if we do not sign the protocol, we were to remain in custody for a long time, and we decided to proceed with the self-incrimination.

links to the Russian media:

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