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What about the much more serious mistakes of Kropotkin in supporting one imperialism against another in woods war 1? This is much worse than opposition to nationalism. There were very many anarchists opposed to supporting national liberation struggles before world war 2. Your analysis of the Spanish civil war is wrong, perhaps there was no way to succeed at all but the decision to allow with the bourgeois communist and republican parties by an undemocratic elitist minority in the FAI was a worse decision than pushing the revolution forward would have been.

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Антти Раутиайнен

Last September, some Italian anarchists published a collective letter criticising Ukrainian anarchists for defending themselves and their movement against Russian imperialist aggression. Listen to this blog in Spotify. The argument is based on both ethical and factual points. I will start by...

3 months ago
Short presentation of the Tyumen case, from a benefit event Helsinki 6th of October 2023
Антти Раутиайнен

Short presentation of the Tyumen case, from a benefit event in Helsinki 6th of October 2023. In Spotify Support the fundraising drive of Firefund for the for the lawyers of the defendants in the "Tyumen case". Families and relatives will have to pay for the participation of lawyers in these...

5 months ago