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Final spurt of our fundraising drive for Autonomous Action

Action in Tyumen, Siberia back in the days

During September, we have been raising funds to continue media operations of Autonomous Action in increasingly difficult circumstances in Russia. We have received lots of donations, and we are very grateful to everyone who has supported us this far!

We understand, that there are urgent needs of financing everywhere. In our website, we publish fundraisers for anti-war, and other political prisoners in Russia in almost weekly basis. Our comrades in Ukraine are also in a dire need of financial support (), and we encourage to support them as well. This should not be a competition!

But we are still missing our crowdfunding goal of 3000 euros with few hundred euros. So in case you have a bit of extra and a bank card supported by Firefund, please consider donating us. Last day you may do this is tomorrow, 1st of October (Greenwich Median Time)!

You may donate, and read more about our reasons to start this crowdsourcing .


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