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Nikita Oleinik: antifascist from Surgut faces life imprisonment on a fabricated case

Nikita Oleinik in court

Nikita is an anti-fascist from Surgut, a straight-A student and a vegetarian, very intelligent and always faithful to principles. Nick dreams of becoming a surgeon, and studied at Surgut University, but dropped out because of the inability of the university to organize the educational process, because of bureaucratic delays and imperfections of the education system, which he could not put up with. He studied a thousand books on physiology, history, politics, and art. Nick initiated the creation of a public libertarian library, his first non-profit educational project. Together with friends, he selected books including the best authors on the history of liberation movements, politics, and philosophy.

Everyone who knows Nikita speaks of him as a man with a great sense of justice, always ready to help. He loves history and philosophy, and studies French. He has also been involved in music for a long time, he was the vocalist of the Surgut band "Justified Aggression".

Nikita was detained on August 31, 2022, and tortured for at least a day in a hangar and in the Tyumen department of the OBOP, as he describes it: "They took off my shoes and socks, soaked my feet in something, put some wires on the toes of both feet and electrocuted me. I lost track of time, but it was very long. I was roughly dropped on the floor and started hitting my head on the back of my head and temporal area. They put me face down. My arms and legs were bound with duct tape, and they started to break out my shoulder and pelvic joints. They said that you were a prisoner and people like you should be shot.

Nikita - according to the version of the investigation the organizer, is charged under Art. 205.4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "organization of a terrorist community" + part. 1 Art. 30 part. 2 of Art. 205 of the Criminal Code "preparation for a terrorist act". In December, prosecutor added charges of "illegal preparation and storage of explosives as a part of a criminal group".  He now faces a prison sentence from up to 15 years in prison or life imprisonment. The lawyer notes that "there is nothing in the case, except the gravity of the charges and the testimony taken under torture". Nikita completely denies his guilt.

We remind you that a year ago six anti-fascists from different cities were detained and accused of terrorism. The support team runs a dedicated to the case.

We urge all those who care to support to pay for the lawyers of Nikita and other defendants of the "Tyumen case". Only 3 more days are left to reach the fundraising goal, which is still far! The guys have been kept in pre-trial detention center for more than a year and they will face trials on the merits of the case. Families and relatives will have to pay for the participation of lawyers in these meetings and they will not be able to cope without you! Now is the time to show solidarity and lend a helping hand to the victims of Russian repression. We thank every concerned member of our large community for your support. You are our strength! Solidarity is our weapon!

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