Open call for Musta Pispala 2024 festival

What kind of programme would it be then…? Well, here’s a couple of questions. What would we like to learn? How could we take better care of each other? How do we feed the fire burning within us? What would be fun to do together without a necessarily practical nor useful reason? How could we tear down oppressive systems around us? And how could we organize in strategic, accessible and joyful ways within our movement in grander scale?

If your programme can respond to any of these questions, we are interested in hearing about it. We are also interested even if it doesn’t answer any of these questions – maybe your programme asks a bunch of new questions.

The programme you’re offering can be quite many things then. It could be about sharing practical skills, analytical or emotional discussions, art gallery, a protest, a techno party, a football tournament, building a sauna tent or a discussion panel, for example.

Additionally to the programme, we are looking for non-profit vegan food vendors!

Write in your programme submission:

1) The name of your programm

2) A short description

3) The date when you’d like to hold the programme and the length of it

4) Other things to notify (is there a maximum number of participants, what kind of venue do you need, do you need some specific materials, devices etc..? Do you want your programme to be publicly advertised online before-hand, or should we only advertise it only during the event at the venue?)

Unfortunately we cannot promise for all (e.g. schedule-related) propositions to come true, but let’s see what we can come up with together. Musta Pispala compensates the workshop fees and travel fees of the workshop organizers. Usually the workshop organizers also get one-time free access to the live band evenings.

The deadline for the submissions is 24th of May in 2024. Send your submission to our email of . After the deadline we won’t take any more submissions into account so that we can build our event schedule on time. You can also organize something during the Musta Pispala weekend and not tell us about it at all, and advertise it in some other ways.

Welcome to Musta Pispala to create revolutionary, fun, social, insightful, beautiful and inclusive festival together with us!

*Some of the editors of do not agree with the term “sex worker”, because believes that sex cannot be work.

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