Activist Faces Four Years For Re-posting Information From Vkontakte Community Group Of Anarcho News

The FSB has filed criminal proceedings charges of Part 1 of Article 280 of the Criminal Code [making public calls for extremist acts] against 19 year old left activist, Elizaveta Lisitsina. The activist is accused of publishing content by re-posting information from Vkontakte Community group of Anarcho News on 2 of March. The anonymous publication called for mass actions of Russians to protest in support of the people of Ukraine, the activist faces up to four years in prison:

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[EN Background]
On the morning of 15 March, FSB operatives entered to search the home of Lisitsina. The activists laptop, a tablet, two flash drives, one of which held information from course work and other electronic appliances/devices were seized.

After the search, Lisitsina was taken to the Office of the Federal Security Service, where she was told to write a confession of guilt. However, the activist refused any explanation and referred to article 51 of the Constitution.
Lisitsina is now free but as expected, in the near future she will be formally charged.

On 11 of April in Moscow Project V Club there will be a rock concert in support of Lisitsina. All proceeds from it will go towards the legal fees of the activist's attorneys.

Благотворительный концерт в поддержку Лизы:
На девушку из Иваново завели уголовное дело за репост новости про Украину: 
Охота на слово
Борьба с экстремизмом как средство борьбы с инакомыслием:

В Иванове против 19-летней левой активистки Елизаветы Лисициной ФСБ возбудила уголовное дело о публичных... GRANI.RU


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