Invitation to forum «Libcom-2011», which will be held in Moscow region from 6 to 9 May 2011

From time to time we need to come together, discuss results and prospects of our movement, as well as to plan new struggles. So, we invite you to take part in the forum «Libcom-2011», which will be held in Moscow region this spring.

Antiauthoritarian leftists are at the parting of the ways. Financial crisis, which started in august 2008, didn’t satisfy expectations of the majority of Russian leftists. Neither social boom, nor good growth of political consciousness of civilians occurs. It's all over bar the shouting – to continue futurological discussions on the theme of society of equal abilities or produce our own agenda, which will concern actual problems of the oppressed, reinforcing them by direct action.

Nowadays antiauthoritarian movement is in such situation, when amid worsening crisis of political system grows request for political alternative in the broad strata of society. And now more than ever we must to create political force, which will be able to advance anti-capitalist, libertarian program by developing grassroots social movements, critical thinking in academic and student field and growing our own material and intellectual infrastructure.

For that reason we invite you to take part in forum «Libcom-2011», which will be held in Moscow region.

Estimated topics of the forum

  • Insurrections in the Third World countries. Present-day geopolitics. Prospects of anti-authoritarian movement amid social crisis.
  • Present-day alternatives to capitalism. Different directions and history of anti-authoritarian thought. The results of global financial crisis. Forthcoming ecological crisis and green anarchy alternative to aggressive industrialization. The experience of struggle against deforestation in Moscow, Moscow and other regions.
  • Forced labour migration and «working class» in the 21 century. The fight for the rights of migrants. Resistance against new and old rules, the struggle against racism and neo-Nazism. Work in the XXI century. Exploitation and oppression.
  • Infrastructure of the movement. Resources of the Internet, rooms and gyms. Non-commercial organization and grants. Engage in small business and finance movement. Media activism, information infrastructure of the movement for corporate media.
  • The role of anti-authoritarian culture and alternative lifestyles. Is the "European model" appropriate in real to the circumstances of Russia.
  • Physical development and self-defense. Demonstrations of martial arts, sparring. Knife fight trainings. Obstacle course, hardball, shooting, various sport games. First aid treatment.

Terms of participation at the forum

  1. Arrangement fee: 400 rubles. The base fee entitles you to attend all forum events.
  2. Where to stay overnight in private homes by the host country. Forum organizers guarantee overnight stop for foreign members at 6 / 7 May 2011, if you inform us, that you will come, until April 20, 2011.
  3. Food. Forum organizers guarantee breakfast, lunch and dinner at 7, 8 and 9 May for forum members at the expense of the forum.
  4. The payment of fares. Travel expenses can be repaid (wholly or partially only after preconcert with the organizers) for those forum members, who were involved in organization of the forum. Travel expenses can be repaid in exceptional circumstances.
  5. The necessary equipment for a comfortable living during the forum. Tent, sleeping bag, second pair of clothes, a flashlight, a pot and other household tools that are used in campaigns, and, if it’s possible, take your air weapon.

Participation in organizing activities

If you want to organize and hold your event at the forum, please let us know your topic until April 10, 2011.

If you want to organize a discussion or a report - let us know your topic and send to us abstracts before April 10, 2011.

If you want to go to the forum as a visitor (guest), please let us know before April 10, 2011.

Organization principle of the Forum

Given the experience of previous similar events in Russia, the upcoming forum is based on the following principles:

1) Self-financing

We should always look for the other ways to fund activities, which don’t depend on external sources or organizers’ money. That’s why the forum will be fully financially secured by the members of the forum. The budget of the forum is public and all the expenses will be published after its completion.

2) Discussion stiffening

In recent years, major efforts in organizing intertown events were aimed at the organization of concerts and / or actions, therefore, there were some problems with working up. During the forum, «Libkom-2011» the special focus will be directed to discussions on interesting and relevant topics, which will be held by people, who has a great deal to say.

3) Effectiveness

Forum «Libkom-2011» should not become a club of «libertarian anonymous alcoholics», reflecting on abstract futurological topics. During the forum, «Libkom-2011» every discussion and lecture, and every event, aimed at improving physical skills, should have the results. People, who are not ready to reach after that, please do not bother us with the request to include their discussions or lectures into the program. In addition, discussions and lectures on the activity should not start from scratch, but should contain experience rating, which the speaker own.

4) Non-party

Forum «Libkom-2011» is organized by a group which doesn’t belong to any particular team. We ask everyone to leave quarrels within the movement outside the forum. The only requisition is - no authoritarians.



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