France, November 2: siege, capture university students protest ...

Nantes. At 19.00 in the southern part of the city was organized by the action of the economic blockade "Hronoposta. This is the mail for the rich, who in record time and delivers to them chic tovary.Okolo 100 employees, students, unemployed people gathered at the entrance to block the place of departure messenger machinery. People built a fence and set it on fire. Gathered to discuss with the employees of the firm. For the first time among the protesters were no less students than workers. The blockade lasted for most of the evening to ensure that: today, the rich do not get their tchotchke.The action was an expression of protest not only against pension reform, but against poor working conditions of workers "Hronoposta.

Students of the Faculty of Literature and Arts of Nantes, having returned from vacation, gathered at a general meeting with about 700 people and debated for 3 hours.They decided that priority should be given to participation in inter-professional general meetings. Was declared a blockade of the faculty, which will last at least until November 8. On Thursday scheduled a general meeting of the University.
Brest. Gathered at a general meeting, the students decided to hold on Thursday from 6.00 blockade "Skarmora" shopping center "Leclerc on Relek-Keruon. The action will take place within days of action and blockades of goods, organized by trade unions and the unemployed.One of the objects of protest will be supermarkets. Students also decided to put the morning on November 3 filtration pickets at the entrance to the Faculty of Literature and Humanities at Brest.
Saint-Etienne. At a general meeting of students decided to proceed with the shares of the blockade and capture of the university named after Jean Monnet. The meeting was attended by about 300 people. Once students have started to engage in the main building, the administration is discussing the possibility of temporary closure of the university.
Lyon. Participants in the general meeting of Campus Bronx decided to proceed with a 14.00 to capture the campus.The next general meeting is scheduled for 2 pm on the 3rd of November.
Grenoble. After complete blockade of several buildings of the University held public meeting involving 500 people. Participants called for the need to give a second wind movement against pension reform and support the struggling workers, organized around student performance. It was decided to extend the blockade of the University until 12.30 tomorrow, after which a meeting to discuss new measures.
Le Mans.General meeting of students of 250 students of Le Mans decided on November 1 to continue the fight against pension reform. The first action will blockade the premises of the University from 6.00 am on Wednesday. On the same day there will be a new meeting, which will discuss the program of action on Thursday when school holidays come to an end.
On. General meeting of students decided to resume the blockade of the campus in protest against pension reform. It will last at least until Thursday. The previous action of the blockade lasted from 18 to 26 October.

Him.About 30 people staged a "free ride" during peak hours from 7.30 to 8.30. They missed free machines in West Nimes.

Cherbourg. About 30 students (from all high schools), despite the holidays, held a protest in front of an employment office, "Paul emplua.They announced their intention to take part in Saturday's general protests against pension reform.
Chambery. Students of the Lyceum Committee Vozhela announced that the fight against the pension reform will continue after the end of the school holidays. November 5 is scheduled general meeting students face, and the 6 - participate in the general protest.

Interprofessional general meeting of Chambery, organized the blockade of rail traffic from 8 to 11 hours.Railroad workers continue strike renewable for 4 th week!

Le Mans - Rennes. At 16.30 3 kilometers from the Le Mans protesters detained motion train TGV 5225

Boulogne (Pas-de-Calais).The trade union blockade supply unit spent shopping center Auchan

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