Next Inthe Disturbances lecture series: Towards a Revolution - Experiences from Istanbul

In Kupoli, the New Student house, Mannerheimintie 5 B, 7.floor, Sunday 22th of September

Also in Kupoli on Sunday, the People's kitchen in Kupolin Herkku will serve food at 4 pm, and the lecture will begin at 4:30.

"During the weekend, anarchist graffiti against police violence and the government have filled the walls of the streets of Istanbul. Walls of banks have been painted, and billboards, kiosks and construction sites have been destroyed. On the streets, you can see burned cars among the thousands of people on the move day and night."

How did the peaceful occupation of the Gezi park grow into a mass movement? Will the government of Turkey be overthrown and what are the political consequences? Most importantly, what do the protests mean for the people? What did it all look like on the grassroots level?

At this Disturbances lecture, an activist well talk about their experiences of the rebellion and the political situation in Turkey today. The purpose of the talk is to open up dimensions of the situation that are hard to reach from following the media, and also to think about the root causes that led to demonstrations. Controversies in Istanbul appeared - as always - as nodes in a complex web of cultural influences.

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Disturbances is an open series of lectures and discussions at the crossroads of society, philosophy, history, economy and resistance.

We are already aware that we can not live as before, but we do not know what the future holds. Others are stuck in the past, but we only want to understand it. Even a small disturbance of an initial condition can lead a system into a completely different state.

Our speakers are Finnish and international anti-authoritarian researchers and activists. Events are organized in cooperation with A-ryhmä and AutOp, two student groups of the University of Helsinki. You may also follow lecture online (both real-time and recording) at

Our program is created by the participants themselves, if you want to join or simply get in contact, write



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