Report from the correctional center, which resides Alexander Volodarsky

It is no secret to reveal, if I say that with the implementation of civil rights in Ukraine, all is not well. But there are no available eye of an ordinary citizen a place where every day is shaped chaos. These include all 184 institutions of state Penal Service of Ukraine - or in common - in prison. I do not advise dismiss the reading material to the end, it is a total lack of rights of several hundred thousand people. This year Ukraine has got in the top 10 countries in prisons. We in the 100,000 population is 334 inmates.We left behind a criminogenic States not only Europe, but the vast majority of countries in Africa and Latin America. But it would be only half the trouble, if in the colonies and jails respect for human rights and international standards on detention.

As fate, our friend, left activist, journalist and artist Alexander Volodarsky was in the correctional center number 132 in settlement. Kotsyubinskoe in Kiev. After the court which made the decision to limit the freedom of the year, Alexander went regularly report to the appropriate office.However, in another visit to the auditors reported that the judge's decision a mistake is not interpreted correctly and it is an urgent need to go to a colony-settlement. At first he was told that the colony should be celebrated only walk nor a deprivation of liberty will not be. You can sleep in the village, where you can easily find a room. Work there too it will be possible to find. Being a man of executive Volodarsky the very next day I went to the center and to my disappointment was ... in prison.

Once in custody, Sasha quickly find and met with all those who somehow defend their rights.Immediately he offered to fight collectively, connecting people with freedom. Through this initiative, we managed to meet with a group actively fighting convicts led by Volodarsky and interview them.

Here is what was learned from the two hour meeting with Alexander and Igor on human rights violations in the IP number 132 and other colonies in the Ukraine.

In all institutions violate human rights. Without exception. Many come here to be closer to home and family.Adjust to normal life in freedom. But nothing has changed. People just come from one prison to another.

Regime institutions "lightweight". Under the rules, people have a right to go on the card and come to the colony only at night. This would allow to work or study in the village. In this place - 4 checks a day (in the colonies, with a special or strict mode - 2 test), not to mention the night. There is a version that can not be solved let people in "people" because of the fact that near the capital, or simply - run away.Honestly - not convincing - many people have themselves come to the colony in the hope of an easier mode.

And so the search for work outside the prison did not work out. In theory, this could be done, but only if accompanied by a guard or a particular bill, an employer who is obliged to take a prisoner from the center and in the evening to take him again. Work in the industrial area of ​​the center is not, therefore, there is also no incentive (given the results of the work). Previously earned promotion - are not taken into account. Promotion only for unpaid community work.There is no promotion - no parole. Of the 150 prisoners to work does not go over 30. The result - overpopulation. There is collusion between the administration and entrepreneurs to transfer the use of labor.

Allowance, earned by inmates are kept in the administration, which allows to profit. Despite the fact that money is allowed within the detention center, in their hands almost never given. Under the rules of the floor amount deposited to the account, access to which the convicted person will receive for the release, and the remaining amount after payment of municipal fees and deductions for meals at the free disposal.But in reality it is not. Earned from the hands give only 50-100 grn. And then on the application, written for earlier. The entire amount is not given. Money stolen administration. Sometimes someone will come to otovarku (once a month bring selling items that are purchased by wire transfer), but on account of zero! Sometimes it takes away everything, even put on release (depending on the "provinces").

Life is extremely difficult. The premises are outdated and need repairs already 20 years.The rooms on 8 people. Norma Square - 4 square meters. m per person is not respected, the barracks are overcrowded. But the utility fee - more than 200 UAH. (More than the rent in this area). Sanitary Conditions - practically no. Bath is not working (it was 2 days a week), washing and grooming - all on their own, respective premises - no. Houseware passed relatives, jailers released. No facilities and equipment for self catering. Specifically, the conditions "barracks".

Funds, which issue (Department of punishment - Management - camp) on food, travel in a scanty amount.The menu does not comply. Many earn a peptic ulcer. Improving nutrition - only on arrival of superior or auditors. Do not conduct even the fish, not something that would be meat. But the money for the soup is removed on a monthly basis, and abandon this impossible.

No equipped premises for meetings. Visitors stand in the cold waiting for their turn. Take a walk outside the colony - the ban.Actually get a prisoner eligible for appointment depends on the factor of loyalty to the administration. In a single, badly heated room stuffed to 30-40 people, is fug din. Even the guards are watching. But to collect from each visitor to 3 hryvnia per hour will not forget!

Medical care in general is not human. Patients are forced to work. Opportunity to check in the clinic - do not give. In the heart doctors are not provided, the right to inspect in urban polyclinics - are not implemented in practice. Physicians are imported from outside, they are totally controlled by the administration (that will say this, and diagnosis).TB patients are in cells with healthy people - treatment - no. At liberty to any such patient can use an article for distribution of a dangerous illness, and now they do not care, though all will die! Incidentally, one of the interviewers came down with fever in a day. On the second day hardly made a hike to the clinic with an officer. The doctors recommended hospitalization, but the Center refused, and took the prisoner back. In the morning he called the head of the facility, he wanted not a state ward and parish correspondents.

Prisoners with drug dependence is, but not much.Drugs are in circulation. All at the request of the prisoner. But this is not a mass phenomenon, as a prisoner of interest - quick escape. Drugs that do not contribute.

Created obstacles for the work of a psychologist (the inability to observe the prisoner and his behavior). Psychologist is also restricted in communicating with the public, relatives and friends of prisoners, with prospective employers.Penetration of psychologists from freedom is simply impossible.

Outside the colony is prohibited. Computers and means of transmission or storage of information - are prohibited. Thus, about distance learning can only dream about. The Library is not systematic. A lot of literature released in the USSR. There are textbooks (geography, mathematics, medicine). So self-limited.

Mobile phones legally permitted, but the colonies they can take away or punished for wearing the phone. In fact it only contributes to corruption.What would take back the phone - 200 UAH. Phone with Internet and a camera - 400. Communication with the outside world - via telephone. Statements in court do not go out only with their relatives, any attempt to write something on the outside end of repression. It is obvious that all the letters of this kind puts the administration under the carpet. Letters of freedom always come at the hands of the autopsy. And never mind that the protection required to check the letters on the subject of prohibited items exclusively in the presence of the recipient.

The administration is constantly putting pressure on prisoners about communicating with a verification commission.Trying every way interfere with communication. Especially it concerns the "guilty" prisoners. The same is true, but to a lesser extent, and communicate with familiar people. Verification began after the frequent escapes from correctional institutions to the Department of Corrections. Those who actively requires communication with committee members face prosecution for organizing a prison riot.

Psychological atmosphere

Center staff (administration) for the most part - the former workers' strogachey.After the practice they simply broken psyche. Begin to enter the appropriate order. In the colony, the last stage of socialization and fixes corrupt, poorly-educated employees of internal troops darn drunk arbitrariness. Assistance whatsoever. But the administration refuses to do so. Often abused by employees of the center an additional "punishment." Prisoners who are not willing to put up with brutal orders and protests may be a few days locked up in jail, write to the executive service forged the memo, entailing an additional conviction and life.).Disgusting regime pushes people to escape. One convicted opened a vein in prison. When he returned to the barracks, he ran away from the center. Right in the notorious Department. Start testing, it became a little easier. But this is only temporary. The new chief continues to the old policy.

The guys have shared, and the situation in other correctional institutions. Thus, in many colonies, especially high security virtual slavery.Circulated to use physical punishment and torture. People are kept until the very end, "cheat" only when it is already at death's door (even on a person's death is earning). Mentally strong people brought to death or simply kill

Socialization is not on away. Administration to the same extent does not participate in finding a job for free, in which they engaged in "paper" questions. So Alexander is still the passport of a citizen of the USSR, the liberation of these authorities, represented by the Department of the penalty must serve him with a new Ukrainian passport.Volodarsky, in connection with the special case of a restrained attitude, asking not to publicize what is happening and do not "make noise". Promised employment in the Department of Corrections. But the specialty work is unlikely to have the opportunity. Also promise the possibility of employment in the private structures, but under guard.

Author: Alex Croke

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