Russian authorities are planning the destruction of nature reserves in the country

Russian authorities intend to dramatically change the environmental legislation with a view to the actual destruction of nature reserves in the country. All this is necessary for industrial development of protected natural areas, as well as for the construction of residences for the first persons in the reserves of the country. Ministry of Natural Resources has acknowledged that he supports changing the law, leading to the destruction of the reserve system in Russia. As follows from the letter of the Director of the Department of State policy and regulation in the field of environmental protection and ecological safety of R.Gizatulin, the department maintains and insists on a speedy adoption of a new law on protected areas (PAs).

"This bill creates a legal framework for , which is still considered one of the best in the world - says the program manager for the PA, Greenpeace Russia, Mikhail Kreindlin.- Unfortunately, lobbying for amendments to the law on protected areas - is not the first attempt to deprive the Ministry of protected areas protection.

In recent years, the MNR frankly destroys the protected system, so we appealed to the president with a proposal to take away from the MNR authority to manage protected areas. In return, you must create a full-fledged federal Agency for Specially Protected Areas, directly subordinate to the government. Of course, to give it the necessary authority. "

Mr Gizatulin confirmed that the new law would change the boundaries of nature reserves (the law expressly forbids it since 1991).However, with caveats: "In the case of his exclusion of land whose use for their intended purpose can not mean the loss of their special ecological, scientific and other particularly valuable meaning."

Practically, this means the following. If someone set fire to the woods, secretly built a recreation center or a paved road, this site loses its value, and you can withdraw from the reserve.That is gradually MNR proposes to create a simple and effective mechanism of "lawful seizure" protected areas.

Referring to the construction of hotels, chalets, ski slopes, lifts, various "linear features" on the biosphere ranges of Biosphere Reserves, R. Gizatulin wrote: "not inconsistent with the current (1995) edition of the Federal Law" On Specially Protected Natural Areas, referred to as the bill only details the procedure for such use. "

So, yeah not really.Article 10 of the Act is a fundamental requirement - research, monitoring, and testing and implementation methods of environmental management "should not destroy the environment and depletion of biological resources.

How to effectively build hotels, cableways and other destroys mountain ecosystems - it is well known, and evidence that are open to all. It is also widely known, who needed an amendment offered by MPR. This is, first and foremost, the authors plans to develop a unique - World Heritage site of the Western World ".Price question - about 50 billion rubles. So by chance if such unanimity of businessmen and ministry?

Converting reserves into national parks with a less strict regime of protection, according to Mr. Gizatulin, possible and necessary. At the same time he refers to is really difficult situation with reserves "Pillars" (Krasnoyarsk Territory) and Teberdinsky (Karachay-Cherkessia).

Indeed, due to historical circumstances, small areas of these reserves are used for mass tourism and sport.However, there is still forbidden to massive capital construction, which wants to resolve the national parks of the new bill. It is important to take into account this simple fact - described by R. Gizatulin problems are just a few reserves. MPR also offers jeopardize every Russian Reserve (and their country in 101).

How can exercise the right to "shuffle" security regimes and status of the territories, it is easy to understand, considering the ratio of the main "environmental" agencies subordinate PAs in recent years.

Characterized by a fresh example of the national parks "Russian Arctic". Talking about it last summer, Putin said:

Strange, but this situation is absolutely not concerned about the Director of Public Policy and Regulation in the field of environmental protection and ecological safety.R. Gizatulin ommersantu: "The fact that the boundaries of licensed areas, cast ... under exploration by BP and Rosneft may overlap with the marine waters of the National Park, there is nothing critical ... of economic activities related to subsoil use in national parks is strictly prohibited, so the scout and prey on this small area they can not. "

Either this is impermissible for a senior official of naivete, or ... repeatedly verified that there is a conflict between environmental objectives and the needs of the energy complex to be decided in favor of the latter.

"The law expressly prohibits the exploration for, extract resources in national parks and modify their boundaries, so the boundaries of licensed sites should be reviewed.This is not a fad, and the requirement of the law, and we sent a , - says Mikhail Kreindlin position of the MPR (Greenpeace-RUSSIA).

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