Tyumen: At a rally in support of Andrey Kutuzov arrived "experts FSB" and "bogus witnesses"

Concerned Tyumentsev supported TSU professor and civic activist Andrey Kutuzov on the square in front of Drama on February 6. The rally "is not extremism: justify Andrew Kutuzov!" Was held in the framework of united action against political repression. In Tyumen, the organizer of the movement was "Autonomous Action - Tyumen, with the support of the Council of the initiative groups of citizens and Tyumen. Recall that the FSB has accused Kutuzov that he had spread "extremist" leaflet at the rally against the center of the fight against extremism.Kutuzov was one of the organizers of this rally.

The trial of Kutuzov lasts from autumn 2009. During this time, many clearly saw all the inconsistency and the investigative and judicial process: bogus witnesses confuse the evidence, dummy audience that emerged in the courtroom prior to its opening, experts are enjoying the secret and unscientific methods. Case Kutuzov has rastaskano on aphorisms and worthy to become a parable. Therefore, the organizers of the rally have decided obsmeyat all these absurd things in small mock.Scene of the rally was not long improvised courtroom.

The first to testify came, "Mr. URLs. This is a real character, one of the witnesses for the prosecution. According to investigators, Mr. URLs, three convictions and had served in places not so far, go with the dark of a cold October evening, just when the meeting is being held against the E centers in 2010. In fact, Mr. URLs not interested in politics, but at the rally decided to stay because he expected a fight.There he was approached by "a tall man with hair gathered in a ponytail" and gave this unfortunate leaflet, which the FSB has been doing for almost a year.

Mr URLs having taken it to his impartiality, but responsive to appeals for extremist activity gaze, he immediately recognized it and brought extremism to the nearest police station. Apparently, after three previous convictions, he imbued the militia with a love that could not withstand the abuse it receives. This story was in a makeshift court told an impromptu "Mr. URLs.But it is worth noting that after so many years spent in prison, we are somewhat deformed URLs and purchased some jargon.

Therefore, at a rally for Mr URLs was kindly provided by the FSB translator prison jargon for people to understand what is meant Mr URLs in such phrases as "In short, the EMA. I rack at dawn with the bride Intermedia Leader and burned some kipish "(translation: I went to work past the central square. Saw a large crowd of people)," Just blah rides, Cho is a type of ... well, as he .. . EPT extremism.I shifernulsya for languages with bombs on lawlessness "(translation: having taken its professional look, I immediately spotted the signs in her appeals to extremist activity. Therefore, I immediately brought it to the nearest police station.).

Interested audience asked Mr. URLs, as a professional in the field of extremism, the question: what is this extremism? Mr URLs confidently replied: "Ekstremizm this - is the biggest hat Tipo our time, the EPT! And Tavo.It can inflict a lot of kipesha in our vast EPT! "(Translation: my opinion is that extremism - it's 21 century plague that threatens the national security of the Russian Federation and its territorial integrity). We note that Mr. URLs liked the protesters and carried out with laughter and applause. Next to the courtroom invited forensic experts of FSB, which conducted linguistic and avtorovedcheskuyu examination of the text leaflets - "Mrs. Mochalova.

Mrs. Mochalova was asked a few incriminating questions, but also in our trial, as well as on the real, it is not lost, and found one universal answer to all questions: "I am an expert criminologist FSB, I have been trained and warned about criminal responsibility."However, on the last question, Mrs. Mochalova slightly lost control of his "field of the collective unconscious," and there was a Freudian slip: "I'm a bird-talker differ wit and ingenuity" - a sudden she said.All guessed it essentially still on the real trial when she testified.

But once we remembered the "field of the collective unconscious," it's time to talk about Ms. Usova - Experts who conducted a psycholinguistic examination of leaflets and gave a brilliant, in our view, the definition of value centers Uh, turns out that the E centers monitor the cleanliness of the information field of the collective unconscious. In addition, in conducting its examinations, it uses a dubious program, whose founder offers on its website "a scientific defense of vampirism and corruption" and other wonders.

On a real court hearing Ms. Usova calmly reacted to the articulation of these facts, saying that "everyone has his worldview."At the rally, "Ms. Usova," worrying about this with your field of collective unconscious, explains how the popular ways to define in itself an extremist: to put under your pillow at night two eggs. If your morning eggs spoiled, then you live an extremist, and you should contact the Centre for E, then they will certainly help.

Note that for an impromptu inquisition Ms. Usova dressed more appropriately to its outer view of the world: it was a long blue coat and hat made of foil, which was crowned with two mushroom.Probably, they help her to communicate with higher forces that govern the field of the collective unconscious.

At this comic, but based on real facts of the rally was over.In addition to scenes at the rally were speakers. Mikhail Agapov, TSU professor and one of the organizers of the rally spoke of why civic activists pressed and called extremists.

Anastasia Schepelina participant "Autonomous Action - Tyumen, described the actions of Kutuzov's support in other cities. Daria Industrialists, one of the organizers of the rally, expressed outrage over the nonsense going on at the trial: ridiculed at a rally bogus witnesses and experts obscurantist. Likewise, the speakers recalled the other repressed activists and strongly expressed support for Kutuzov.

The duration of the rally near the stage stood an information booth.With it people can read who is Andrey Kutuzov, and for that he is being persecuted. Flyers at the booth showed the numbers of unsolved murders in Russia, "while numerous team-fed boys from the center to counter extremism, which year do not dusty and burdensome work - developing the main extremist city - Andrey Kutuzov."Also at the booth hung a number of demotivators, with the major literary quotations-"extremists": Pushkin, Tolstoy, Mayakovsky, Gorky.

Rallies in support of Kutuzov, and against political repression took place in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg and Perm. For example, in Moscow anarchists were handing out leaflets outside the offices of the Tyumen region and chanted: "Hands off Andrew Kutuzov," your evidence - a complete swindle, "" One for all and all for one "," While we are united, we are invincible " and others.And in the Irkutsk Rally titled "Lesson Literature: throughout the city were plastered with large demotivators with writers -" extremists ".

In Tyumen, a rally attended by about 80 people. Despite the cold, after the official part of the rally continued to play music on the square and circle dances and want to dance to keep warm.

All those present at the meeting voted unanimously to read a resolution which demanded that the organizers:

  • withdraw from all government agencies and organizations specially protected status, and prohibit the use of the laws of "social group" in relation to government agencies;
  • excluded from the art.282 and the FZ-114 "On Countering Extremist Activity 'concept of" social group "as devoid of precise definition and depends on the subjective inclinations of an expert;
  • completely pre will stop the case and Nizovkinoy Stetsury in Buryatia and Kutuzov in Tumen on rehabilitative grounds;
  • conduct an objective internal investigation in Uzbekistan FSB Tyumen Region and the Centre to combat extremism in the police department of the Tyumen region in the circumstances fabrication of criminal cases against Kutuzov.

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