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Fall 2010. In a country full swing preparing to reform the public sector. Education, medicine and other items "cost" of the budget, will translate into capitalist track to "improve" their work. In fact, it's all result in the unavailability of such natural things as higher education for the majority of the Russian Federation. Social networks have responded with lightning speed, a problem in groups devoted to this problem is already several thousand people ...

In mid-October to my account in Vkontakte started coming invitations to groups with names like: "No microblogging", and began to come regularly and with amazing perseverance. At first, just abandoning them as spam, with the time I was interested, because the number of users in these groups start to reload for a few hundred thousand!

Meanwhile, the government is preparing a so-called "Police Act, reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, law enforcement officers are now officially no longer Uncle Stepa protecting the rest of law abiding citizens, they are now policemen to protect the power of those same citizens, if they suddenly cease to be so law-abiding.In fact, this law removes the already numerically small poorly observe the restrictions in the work of the police (and in future the police). Now employees, if they deem it necessary, can make you almost anything, except that shot on the spot without trial is not right, that probably, in their opinion, would greatly interfere with productive work. Then soc. network did not remain indifferent to several groups, all the same a few thousand members ...

In August, the administration of the country's most popular network Vkontakte (almost 100% clone of the American FaceBook, about the history of which recently released a good movie) launched a trial version of the so-called "microblog", users are encouraged to try it instead of the usual for all of the wall, and as says the administration reviews were extremely positive.In October, the service was launched to all users on a mandatory basis. And here, in fact, begun.Like mushrooms after the rain began to appear the group protesting the mandatory introduction microblog, the number of participants has grown phenomenally quickly. The main complaint was that the administration does not take into account the views of users! I wanted to scream! Wow, my friends, are you really the first time in his life faced with the fact that your opinion is not considered? And do not you think that this happens every day? This is the essence of the political system of our country. Moreover, the assurances of the administration, you have a minority but a minority of the rules is so adorable you Democrats must obey the majority.

Each year, the country is increasing fares by an average of 10%.The Government complains about inflation, rising energy prices and so on and so forth. But in this case and our wages have to grow 10% a year, where our share of the profits from rising oil prices? In countries with a more active population, it turned out to be the annual riots in Russia, however, protests gather a few dozen activists, and groups of facebook, yis rarely passes for a couple of hundred participants ...

Development of groups protesting against the microblog was amazing, a few months the number of participants in them beginning to approach one million people were recorded dozens of video message, the whole short films in one group, I discovered almost ten (!) Rap songs on the hated microblog! That means the activity, I thought the Greeks would envy! Naturally this situation, use the right people, in groups of advertising has been paid, there were tons of spam, there are always those who profit from any situation.It was a bright flash "network" of popular anger, but after a while and it went into decline, the number of group members began to decrease, the number of the groups themselves, too. It seems that the people let off steam, and, by tradition humbled. Well though the network itself left, and in fact could and did cover what to do??

I often wonder why the law on the reform of the public sector do not care about youth, why minor changes to your favorite social network interface presenting them with a much greater outrage than an attempt to deprive them and their children's future? Perhaps because the social networks of users depending on them now overtake television? Either because, their original function, communication, long lost in the pile of applications and other nonsense captivated these networks.The administration insists that "normal people" use Vkontakte only for communication, rather than "live" in them. But in reality, the creators of the site are doing everything that the user does not get out of contact, because there you can find it! In fact, if you use a computer just for fun, except for contacts you do not need anything, there is everything! Do you want music, look and listen, the movie - look, the game - play online, alone or with friends.This creates a situation where a person begins to depend on contact, as in the past, some children (and not only children) were dependent on the TV. And everybody is happy! Users get easy leisure, administration expensive advertising space, and the powerful - a submissive mass rebellious exclusively on the Internet, and do not pose threat to the current system.The streets are empty, all leave online. Social networks, like fishing, catch the hapless users, and have hardly allowed to go free. Before that happened riots had to damage the TV show. Now, I understand, you need to pay attention to social networks ...

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