Boycott conscription

Twice a year, the State deprives the freedom to choose the new generation of young people. Each year from hazing suffered thousands. Someone dies. Authorities publicly stated that during 2010 seriously injured in the army of more than 100 people. This article does not build speculative designs, there is only a strong desire to save young people from bondage. It only calls for a boycott call. Who will come tomorrow agenda?

Professional mercenary army have appeared recently. Although the temporary large formation known in the ancient world. It arms could have only "selected", only the exploiters, but not slaves.Authorities prohibit the arm, which meant a ban on fighting for their rights. Therefore, many thousands of years rulers were limited to warriors and mercenaries. Minority, relying on violence and fear, oppressed and plundered most. Inhibition was expressed and reflected in taxes and extortions, corruption and injustice common people. Of course, we know that all this is done often under the guise of "protection" from imaginary threats. Although it is clear who the mercenaries in reality will protect and whom to leave to the.The same pattern and with law enforcement authorities. "

When the exploiter growing appetite - "their" people it is not enough. Then the "elite" begins to plunder other countries. Examples of so many that this alone casts doubt on the feasibility for humanity as a form of state organization. The rhetoric of the external enemy manipulates consciousness and religious feeling of patriotism, and the person on the other side is the enemy and stranger. In the event of a conflict dies not a politician but a simple man.

Particularly sad that many young people lack the motivation, "hang".As is known primarily to the desire. Nevertheless, as soon as possible to motivate this young man, he's probably from working-class family:

  • Do not go into the army and do not spend a year of life, work, learn, create.
  • Do not go, and voluntary slavery, and help others avoid it.
  • Do not expose yourself to great risk not only to become crippled or even die, but also to erase the remnants of humanity and creativity. Better is to be healthy and free!

We believe that we can not become strong by drill, and adhering to self-discipline.Men is not after the army, and when you can make someone happier, freer and stronger.
The flow of military propaganda is unable to stop clear brook of truth. Rab always loses, so we chose the side of freedom - the winning side. Talk about the dangers of the army, not only during the call! We must remember, while one will go into the army at the request of a thousand will take against their will.

Hang himself, help a friend!
Very often in our society see the approach that if I was not threatened the army, then there is no need to engage in anti-militarism.The truth is that if to fight the disease in the same city, and not to fight in another, sooner or later knocked down all the epidemic. Universal threat to the answer! Often the lack of mutual support and solidarity can beat the company piecemeal.

From denial to repeal!
Denying the army as a vestige of the past, but the call as even more vile act of enslavement and violation of natural liberty, we call for a boycott and the movement for the abolition of conscription! The more young people are not at the recruiting office the faster they izzhivut itself.

The alternative is!
We believe that peaceful, people will not need large-scale offensive tools and even more weapons of mass destruction.The most powerful weapon is our solidarity and mutual support.

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