Ordered to love his country

Many are convinced and believe that love for our country - it is something taken for granted. After all, how can home not to love?
After all, it is true, even in the luxury car made a fortune at the expense of your hard work, let sadist in uniform beat up your children in the department, others let the pretext of protecting rob you and take the child tax, and instead give a posthumous medal and a pat on the shoulder, pogovarivaya: Motherland will not forget. " We are all so different, but the main thing we were all born here, we are all equally loved by their homeland, we have much more in common than with other than with our homeland, and the rest of the world thinks only as to deprive us of the homeland, to conquer and subjugate.We should definitely unite and repel those who threaten our homeland, all together, exploiters and exploited. After all, until we are united, we are invincible!

The racial superiority sprouts from the ideology of national peculiarities. National feature is formed of patriotism, and patriotism of the territorial state borders. And based on these borders - the love for the homeland.
Love of country emerging from those times, as our ancestors began to enslave the world.Motherland - a place where he was born, and where are born slaves? On the land lord, lord, landowner, and now the state. That is love for the land owner. When a man loves his home country (land owner), then this love as expressed in the pride of their nation (which is defined by state borders and so, with what convenient to identify the culture of the bourgeoisie, that it saw the brothers in blood). All this love and pride substitute natural love and pride. Namely, the love of freedom and pride free life.
Nobody ever loved his country, except for the proletariat.Loved people, loved the freedom, love life without the landlords, moneylenders and officials. And never is not connected with the territory.
The peasants have fled since the enslavement of the landlords, they left their native land and went, because the peasants loved freedom, but not the land owner. They fled first to the south, then when the Empire subjugated the south, began to flee the Urals. During the colonization of America, people were leaving their native places of the European desire to live in freedom.

People of old wandered in search of a place, which will feed the tribe and frees man from the material needs and requirements.Homo sapiens dispersed across the globe, having no idea of the homeland. Animals restricted habitats, terrain, which is able to feed them. Lack of food led to the migration of the population in other lands. Love for the homeland against biological behavior, and if it would be natural, then we would not have any variety of living plant and the man himself would have been limited to trees in southern Africa. And it is unlikely protochelovek began to evolve, and would live on trees, loving them and taking pride in the fact that like a monkey.
In the nomadic tribes were developed slavery, and therefore have not been developed love for the motherland, only love for open spaces and the free wind.And civilization policies developed system of slavery and, as we know, each patrician pride that he loved his country and the Roman Rome. Already exploiters of old knew that to control and exploit more comfortable when people perekreplen to a particular piece of land. And it has since nurtured the idea of attaching people to the ground, both physically and ideologically.If the physical enslavement was annoying and it was unreliable, then we can calmly watch as extended and strengthened the ideology of slavery. Do not you love and take pride in their motherland?

Love to earth, as the love of their ancestors - is one of the biggest misconceptions. Love for fathers not determined by what you live permanently in a certain area, the love of fathers determined by the memory of them, and love for them is in the heart. People in ancient days of organized memory of the dead, regardless of location.
It is the exploiters sought by all means to keep people on their land exploited.Divide and conquer. People are constantly moving and exchanging culture, knowledge and language to allow each other to understand. This is a serious barrier to control slaves. To avoid bringing people together, propagated the cult of the territory, "where he was born there and come in useful", ie in their home you need a boss. Enserfment on the ground also allowed the other to see enemies. Hard to convince that the other side of country living evil and dangerous people, when there lives your son or daughter.Heavy bombing of the city another country, knowing that live there are your friends that you grew up a child together and that they do not like them represent the bourgeoisie. But it is much easier to control and exploit, when operated limited to a specific territory and, moreover, ready to defend it on such as they are, on the other side of the motherland.
Love of country united slaves in the nation, allowing the lead among nations constantly at war, based on national identity.When slaves are killing each other, it brings more profit.
Love is the heart of ancestors, rather than marking time their tracks. Yet in this silent psychological conflicts between parents and children, between older and younger generations when it comes to love, to a territory that is inappropriate to speak about the nature of human emotions.

Love to earth, as a culture of their ancestors - a regular substitution of concepts. Culture is not determined by the fact that you are a distant descendant of some sort of ethnic groups, and stay on the ground, determined by geographical features.The diverse culture of peoples in the world is connected with a variety of geographic areas of residence nationalities. People have evolved in different places of residence, and it left its imprint on the culture, language, cuisine and so on.
Whoever lived in the territory of Russia, they would drink a brew because rye - unpretentious plant and in our latitude is easier to grow, in contrast to wheat, which the landlords were forced farmers to grow due to the fact that its more profitable to sell. And because of the excess of rye appeared drink kvas.If the peoples of north latitude to move to the equator, for example in Africa, then over time national culture completely transformed by the local geographic features. I do not think that Africa will freeze ravioli and dumplings, this is especially the northern latitudes, who, with their severe winters allowed without difficulty freeze for future use ravioli and dumplings. In southern neighbors to drink wine, not because they have such a culture, but because they reside in the territory, where growing grapes, allowed the southern peoples produce wine.China has used the figure, the Indians - the potatoes, and Japan's cuisine is rich in fish dishes, because they live on islands, around which is good for fishing in the sea, and islands are among the different climatic zones, and fish more efficiently than the cultivation of plants, unlike in the Philippines islands, which are rich in plant foods. And the rest of culture - is the result of geographical influence on the person, rather than its national culture, passed on from generation to generation. Peoples related to the geography, what geography is and the people, but in an era of global capital, these geographical features are erased.
The proletariat, continue to love their homeland.But your homeland - is slavery.

If religion - it is the opium of the people, the homeland - a cocaine for the people. There is no moderate and radical nationalism, there is no good and bad of patriotism and love of country always leads to patriotism and the superiority of those born in the land owner over those who came to this land. Because it is believed that the man who grew up on this land, already loves her and appreciates more than a stranger. A visitor will never have as great would not love your country, because he did not grow up on it. That love of country - this is such a harmless phrase, which creates a substitution of notions and already contains all the interpersonal hostility.
No matter how you love the homeland, just as it does not matter what quality you are taking cocaine. The consequences from the use of the same.

Our country - all of humanity. My native land - freedom.
And the only thing you can be proud of - a free life.
22.08.2010, MY

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