Short conclusions about the rampant nationalists in the Manege

It is too early to draw final conclusions about what actually happened yesterday, but some first comments can still be done.

Conclusion 1 - the nationalists convert any, even a positive start in terms of social movements in the shit. After all, everything here should be simple - kill a man, it is appropriate to demand that cops are not taking bribes and glosses over the matter. Certainly from the perspective of an anarchist, in the experiments here do not need, but bribery and courts Lynch, we also do not like.

Of course, in Moscow, killing 3 people per day - mostly Russian Russian killed, and sometimes kill the non-Russian non-Russian, Russian kill non-Russians and non-Russians killed Russian.And virtually all of these killings - madness and mayhem. Of course it is desirable to demand the punishment of murderers, not just the killer member reputable firm. But in principle there are no claims to the firm in terms of raising the question itself - first of all one has to take care of their druzyah and relatives. Anarchists are also raised to high after the murder of their own, regardless of nationality killer. But the fact that the firm does not filtrirovala how it all happened, it does not honor.After all, what does beating some Uzbeks in the subway is the murder of Yegor Sviridov? Absolutely nothing. But it is this shit always happens when you let the nationalists to the business. Consequently, they must resolutely otshivat from all social movements, and those who do not, are to blame for the failures, no excuses that "we did not want / do not expect" there is not helping.

Conclusion 2 - Forget about conspiracy theories. All this was so stupidly organized, that no dark forces behind this are not worth it.Round off the nut and the law took so many that it quietly enough for all the repression, which wish to power. I was not at the arena, and do not know if there eventually and it was 1500 or 2000 or even 5000 people, but even the lower estimate makes it possible to organize a lot more hell than it was organized. Judging by the pictures: , went into business a couple of cocktails, but the course they were autonomous guerrillas, and not part of the original plan, those who called for people to come to the arena.Could erupt in the direction of Tver and the Lubyanka, smashing half the city, but instead went stupidly fight against the superior forces of the enemy and get pussy, and even this was done only a small minority - the majority simply yawned, zigovali and indignant. Some say that in the case of the anarchists and anti-fascists would have been different, but I'm also not sure (except zigovaniya) - in Khimki, it was slightly more effective there, too corporatized only a couple dozen, while the rest of yawning.

Were made claims to the work of riot police, but actually accelerate 600 participants "Strategy 31" is not something that disperse the 2,000 fans, many people do not raspihaesh on the bus without spending a smaller afternoon, and for the environment so the crowd should have been all too prepare in advance.Consequently, the OMON have only to beat off the attackers, but from the dispersal of a crowd is even worse, as was the 2002nd after the "Russia-Japan", where small groups raided points around the center. Debris could prevent anyone from it all, but only in advance of closing the area as a whole - but they just do not dogodalis do this, plus the fact it would be a recognition that they really have no control over the situation in the city.And the fact that no criminal case has not aroused, too, is not surprising - first, under the distribution were not the sons of influential businessmen, and ordinary Gaster, and most of those arrested naturally buhoy inadequate to bare hands rushed to the cops, among those who came from the notion that there is to do, and of course few people are caught.

In principle, the cops could then campaign on Tuesday prior to close 100 pieces of authoritative fans, but it is also possible vpolne nothing would have prevented at the time of the Internet.And in fact the power is well aware that fans are - by and large completely loyal to the government segment, which sometimes is ready for dengm perform his dirty work, as was the case with the protection of building products technology in Khimki, in the summer. Needless to authorities finally spoil relations with the public, especially when speaking of their hatred is directed against all except the whole system.

Known fact that all organizations fans created by the state to control it all, okolofutbol almost podmentovanny and reputable businesses in many people go to Petrovka to interview both for lunch.There is just a classic example of how carefully constructed by the authorities of the structure and movement out from under her control. And this is not the first time - Slavic Union is also a structure, the creation of authorities to control the uncontrollable, but eventually the SS has become a platform where the most frostbitten types met and then proceeded to more serious things.Generally, the SRs were also podmentovannye to the top, but eventually they, too, could not in any way controlled.

Stupid Nurgalieva I do not want to even comment, I now understand why all his subordinates consider him a clown. This is certainly a mystery how he ended up in its place, possibly KGB really hoping for the final collapse of the Interior, but most likely, as always, the idiocy of government accounts for more than a cunning conspiracy.

The third conclusion - the threat of fascism, more relevant than ever.When the Nationalists pissing, ceased to apply to the conduct of Russian marches in the center, we laugh at them. But it turned out that when the core audience - Panties, the cowardly and opportunistic tactics bring the greatest benefits - this year, "Russi march in Moscow was more than ever. And what happened on Saturday, the fruits of that success. And we must draw conclusions and adaptirovatsI have to new realities.


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