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"In Irkutsk, a war of management companies for the redistribution of property - are suffering residents of homes"

June 7, 2010 in the neighborhood Sunny, the city of Irkutsk was an attempt to raid the premises belonging to capture tenants № 1. The house is served by a management company "DOST", registered in Angarsk. Her tenants have chosen.

A man named Neudachin DA, the Management Company "South" came to the house committee room located in the entrance of the house, accompanied by armed guards from the Vanguard Security ". The hijackers had declared themselves the new owners and declared that they can do whatever they want.After he was forced, literally at gunpoint protection (!) Are in the office people to give them their accounting documents, dostmotreli their personal belongings and confiscated a computer system. Captured, the committee members could call on senior home - Irina Dmitrievna Ineshinu. She arrived at the scene, demanded documents confirming the appointment and the identity of the new "directors". Documents not found, then a senior at home demanded uninvited guests to leave and called the police.Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and drew up reports on the fact of seizure of computers. Only after this "Raiders" was returned to the computer and making sure that so just take the house under control did not work - retired. Residents have written a statement to the police, prosecutors and asked the mayor on the same day.

Two days later, on June 9, "Raiders" have returned, but with a lawyer, but again without documents, in connection with the staff of the house committee also demanded to leave the "new owners".After that, "Raiders" have requested negotiations and suggested a house committee meeting at which residents will be represented by a new director and the residents of house number one will agree with the change of management company. Members of the house committee demanded to start, meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Directors CPR JSC "DOST" Munteanu, who could comment on the actions of the company's "South".

According to residents of house number 1 in their eyes is redistribution of property management companies.Some companies force squeezed from the market, in order not to interfere with profits, just so happens commented on the senior house Ineshina Irina Dmitrievna. But in the case of the inhabitants of the house number 1 raiders resorted to extreme measures, in fact to armed seizure. All would have been if not for persistence of the inhabitants themselves, who know the market for services and do not want to change the management company, just to satisfy bureaucratic throats.

Residents of the neighborhood of Sunny warn that such a scenario withevents is can be repeated in any area of the city and the people themselves were ready to rebuff such a collision, not afraid of threats.

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