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Day of Action in support of the magazine "Avtonom" in Cheboksary

Day on June 5, anarchists Cheboksary decided to devote shares in support of "autonomy". It all began with the fact that the roof of high building in the center of the city, flying balloons with attached flyers (download below). The wind was on the side of activists and colored balls drifted into the distance. In total, the sky sent about 200 balls, which countered in the "Children's World" and landed at the feet of passers. However, not all air aides managed to achieve his goal, for which we apologize in a local janitor who hope we will understand and forgive.
Then the action switched to the streets of the city, where the hands of passers-by heard the same leaflets.As darkness fell and a reduction in the number of passers-by, it was decided to spread leaflets in mailboxes in the entrance. Omnipresent a product of capitalism under the name of advertising, particularly in the elevators of residential buildings, has become the next target of activists, detailed use of it for their own purposes, you can see below the video.
As already known, the FSB's Sverdlovsk region, and in particular expert Mochalova Svetlana in a criminal case, which we believe is false, instigated by activist Andrey Kutuzov autonomous operation, acknowledged some of the extremist magazine article "Avtonom. The list also includes articles of the deceased lawyer Stanislav Markelov "Patriotism as a diagnosis.
State tend to prohibit and to close all of which undermines the political environment and encourages people to think about the world in which we live.And the favorite way of the authorities to prohibit something, or to deprive unwanted human freedom - to put a stamp of "extremism" This concept is described in the legislation is very broad and vague, which allows him to get under anything.
So at this time. Artificially created a leaflet, the criminal case against a public activist, university professor Andrew Kutuzova, search, examination (in the adequacy of which are hard to believe) and "extremism" appeared again not all coming from.
Seized during the search magazine Avtonom "criticizing power structures, the various forms of discrimination in society, offering a utopian alternative to the capitalist system, defending the ideas of liberty and equality, calling for people to assert their rights, too, has been targeted by authorities.
And the worst thing we can do in this situation is silent! Allow more unjust, endlessly self-serving public system to create lawlessness, disregard the rights and freedom of people without power and money.We urge all who have not lost the love of justice, for freedom, not to remain on the sidelines.

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