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Feminists burned a bag with money in protest

7 yaiyulya Swedish feminist party organized a public burning of the bag with the collected 100 thousand Swedish kronor (about 13 thousand dollars) in protest against the wage gap between men and zhenschinami.Kak said party leader Gudrun Schumann (Gudrun Schyman), burnt money symbolize is the amount that Swedish women lose at any moment due to lower income compared with men. According to policy, "the destruction of 13 thousand dollars may seem a terrible act, but neither are the reasons which led us to this, no less terrible."

Party leader Gudrun Schuman get money out of plastic bags and throwing them into the fire. Schumann admits: "Yes, we can give them to charity.But we are not a charitable organization. We do not deal with donations, we are trying to influence events. Burning money, we want to show the fact that every second woman denied the money because of discrimination at work. However, 1 second is not enough to burn in small denominations to exchange the money.Hearth of them burned for about 40 minutes.

Scandalous event took place in a campaign in parliament.

Following National Assembly elections to be held in Sweden on September 19, Feminist Party hopes to get first place in parliament. The movement was founded in 2005, but elections in 2006, feminists managed to score less than 1% of the votes. The required minimum for mandates - 4%.

The required amount of feminists provide local advertising agency.The bag with the money was burning about 40 minutes. As the representative of the Swedish bank, in this action is nothing illegal, since the burning of banknotes in Sweden is not a crime.

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