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In Paris, the exhibition "Russia: another look"

Yesterday in Paris opened an exhibition of human rights and various other independent organizations and movements of Russia under the title "Russia: another look." The exact name of the exhibition is translated "other side" or "other person", but somehow it is not entirely in Russian. A liberal "echo" from filing "Soldiers 'Mothers' in general exhibit dubbed" The Other Russia "firmly proassotsiirovav her with very definite and already discredited the Russian liberal movement. In addition to human rights activists and ecologists in the exhibition is attended by representatives of the Russian Anti-Fascist movements, but the social movements must tell the exposition provided by the Institute "collective action".

The event is held on the square in front of City Hall of Paris. How to write the organizers in the announcement of the exhibition, it will enable Parisians an opportunity to learn about the part of Russian life and politics, about which little is reported. Perhaps more correctly be called the exhibition "Unknown Russia". Passers-by will be able to not only look at the pictures, posters, videos, but also to communicate personally with those who daily work in the fight for human rights in Russia, fighting the neo-Nazi movements and xenophobia, and defend the rights of workers.

More information about the exhibition on the French can be read .


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