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In Bashkortostan replaced president. Trying to ensure "a decent old age" - no match for an ordinary Russian pensioners

Expected at an emergency meeting of the State Assembly of Bashkortostan Rakhimov statement on his resignation on July 15 and did not hear because of the absence of the president himself. Having assembled in order to fire resorts State Assembly deputies were puzzled. A disappointed look and State Duma deputy Andrei Nazarov, and not enjoy the spectacle, as the defeated enemy would sign the act of surrender, and something to babble in his own defense. At the entrance to the State Assembly held a rally with the participation of "Autonomous Action-Ufa" against the establishment of the former president of fringe benefits and huge pensions.

Murtaza Rakhimov, has not delivered his opponents of fun and simply did not appear, although his appearance waited until the last moment. In anticipation of the president, the deputies passed the Law on Pension and Social Security of certain categories of civil servants.

The adoption of the bill means that the law of the republic of public office made two changes. First, members of the president's family after his death are entitled to the same medical services as before. Secondly, pensions are the president, parliament speaker and prime minister of the republic will be calculated at a rate of 3.18.Changes will take effect 10 days after the official publication of the law. The bill was adopted by the elected unanimously.

Meanwhile, the people are actively opposed such an initiative. So at the entrance to the State Assembly by representatives of the Left Front and the autonomous operation launched tent and slogans: "Rakhimov on trial!", "Rakhimov, take with you Sarbaeva", "Rakhimov, Good riddance!". Police, knowing that the power of change, not dared to disperse the demonstrators.The protesters demanded that the State Assembly members not to increase the size of benefits and establish pensions Murtaza Rakhimov in the amount of 3 million rubles. Suppose that all pensioners receive 3000 rubles and try to make ends meet. And instead of let residential uses tent. Also to kurultaytsam received proposals follow the example of the president and resign as president abolished.

According to some reports, Murtaza Rakhimov, today to urgently flew to Sochi, where the evening is supposed to fly, and Vladimir Putin.It is possible that the absence Rakhimov and his throwing of Russia will be the beginning of some of his new game with the federal center. He can walk Riigikogu, sick, on vacation in booze, finally, but, according to the accepted order, until he publicly declared his retirement, there is no legal basis for the commencement of the nomination of the majority party in the local parliament, nominations for the post head region.

Accordingly, not raised in the State Assembly and the question of specific candidates for the presidency of the republic.Also this Thursday, after rain had not been raised and the issue of drought, allegedly did it to the convening of an emergency meeting. Officially, the same voice-fact until you can take a statement by his press service of the early consultations on finding a successor. What in fact, no legal consequences does not.

Source: site "Autonomous Action-UFA

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