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Moscow regional court will consider the appeal for an extension of custody Maxim Solopova

Consideration of the appeal decision Khimki city court extended the detention of Maxim Solopova will be held on October 8, Friday at 10 am at the Moscow regional court. Consideration of complaint counsel for an extension of custody Alexei Gaskarova be held on October 15. Recall, September 28, Khimki city court judge Ekaterina Kudryavtseva made the decision to extend the detention period of Maxim Solopova for another two months. During the hearing, counsel Solopova Yuri Eronina filed a motion to attach to the case files a written guarantee MPs, human rights activists and scholars.But the judge Kudryavtseva held that sureties can not be trusted - because of the fact that the guarantors are not present in the hall, and perhaps "do not know what to sign."

This time the complaint to the court intends to appear Lev Ponomarev, executive director of the Movement for Human Rights, to personally pay his bail.

Address the Moscow Regional Court: Krasnogorsk district, p / o Krasnogorsk-2, 65-66 km Moscow Ring Road, phone: 8 (498) 692 61 04, 8 (498) 692 61 45.

Directions: 1.Metro Myakinino on foot, 2. From metro station Tushinskaya bus number 436 to stop "Administrative Community Center of Moscow Region" or bus № 640, № 631 to the store "Auchan", 3. From metro station Shchukinskaya bus № 638 to the stop shop Auchan or bus number 687 to the stop "Sberbank".

Further information: tel. 8-915-053-59-12


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