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Protest Protest - strife: Ukraine marshrutchiki threaten protests

Truckers not preclude the holding of protests in the absence of reaction of the local authorities need to raise fares in a taxi.

About this in the comments UNIAN said the head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Road Carriers of Ukraine (VAAP) Vitaly Reva.

According to him, the decision taken on Friday, December 17, at the annual general meeting of the carriers.

"The decision of the meeting issued today, there are a number of issues" - he said. In particular, in addressing the meeting stated that the carriers will be based on the cost of fuel change and tariffs.

"The decision was made, and the question is: if they do not react - it is mainly for local authorities - we will be forced to hold protest actions, because only a year in the Kiev region 8 companies went bankrupt, totally collapsed, in 8 districts have not even transport companies "- said the head of the association.

At the same time he stressed that in addressing the need to increase the cost of travel in the minibus no specific date increase as the time and expects to increase the size of each carrier separately."Fare determine each carrier. Date there is no, because each carrier to make independent decisions, each separately into a contract with the customer (the local authorities - UNIAN) ", - he said.

According to the President of WAIPA, also planned to send the appropriate treatment in the Cabinet and ministries. "It was a decision of the annual meeting (on the reduction of tariffs in line with rising fuel prices - UNIAN), and now on the basis of this decision, we turn to the corresponding letter to the Prime Minister, Mininfrastruktury, the Economy Ministry and warned."

Despite statements by truckers on the need to raise rates for transportation, the Lviv City Council did not consider this position to be justified as there is no justification of the tariff increase and ensure quality services by carriers, - said director of the Department of Housing and Infrastructure Lviv city council Natalia Pavliuk.

"Revision of the existing tariffs for transportation is possible only under two conditions - if there are clear estimates and justification for tariff increases, as well as significantly improve the quality of service delivery.On raising rates until early to say, the process of quality training for the calculations take a long time. "

Recall the last time freight rates increased in Lviv in August 2009. According to the Board's decision № 615 of 21.08.2009 the tariff for the carriage of passengers in urban transport for businesses and organizations that do not belong and who belong to the communal property of territorial communities of the city of Lvov, is 1.75 UAH.

PS: That is, the situation is as follows - on the one hand truckers are trying to put pressure on local authorities by threatening to protest because they themselves dominates the global economic situation. On the other hand - the local authorities, playing for time and invent excuses for themselves for the common people, which is also almost ready to go to the streets. And if that happens, it is not big trouble not only to local authorities, but the hauliers and their small vehicles.All will be lit in red flames of revolution!

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