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Cuba: neoliberalism with a local "characteristics"

State-capitalist regime of Raul Castro has begun to economic reform, which, according to Euronews , provides for a gradual reduction in Millions of jobs in the public sector. such a large scale anti-social mayhem did not know until now none of the openly neo-liberal governments in the world! The reasoning of the ruling "Communist" as a classic neo-liberal: Cubans de "bad and a little work (in other words, do not provide the powers that be sufficient profits).

As stated insignificant sumnyashesya dictator, the task of reform is to "erase the notion that Cuba - the only country where you can live without working." The country's authorities expect that about 500,000 laid-off will be employed in the private sector, the rest will be provided to "certain benefits." You can imagine how pathetic is this sop, given the fact that the wage in Cuba is very low. As usual, the attack on workers is covered demagogic talk of "revolution" and "save socialism."

Among the population reign confusion and despair.Unfortunately, any organized and widespread resistance is not expected. The ruling dictatorship did not allow the creation of military trade unions, independent from the regime and the administration. Neoliberalism in diktkatury threatens to turn into a disaster for working people ... Source

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