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Presentation of the book on Markelov in Irkutsk

Today, 18 January, in the Irkutsk Regional Library. Molchanov-Siberian An open book presentation on Markelov "Nobody except me."

According to one of the organizers, "the date for the presentation was not chosen by chance. Tomorrow, January 19, marks exactly 2 years since the assassination of Markelov and Anastasia Baburova. Thus, we would like to once again draw attention to this tragic event, and most importantly - for reasons due to which it has become possible. "

Organizers of the event spoke about the life and work of Stanislav and its political and human beliefs.Speech activists interspersed with video clips, which raises the very Stas. Those who knew him shared their memories and experiences of communicating with this person.

The presentation was attended by about 30 people.The audience showed such intense interest that the discussion of the presentations and video materials continued until the closing of the library. At the end of the book presentation was given to the library book fund.

A day earlier in IrkutskAcademy of Human anti-fascists was placed bench, telling future lawyers about the life and work of Stas, his views and circumstances of his tragic death.

Stas and Nastia!

We Remember! We fight!

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