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Call for international support for African and Middle Eastern revolutions

Your solidarity is undoubtedly vital, but I think it's time to start the broader actions and demonstrations in support of the people in revolt in the Middle East and North Africa. These protests should be directed not only against local dictatorships, but also against their patrons ... it also means to protest against the politics of manipulation of the imperialist forces, the very forces that seek to force the workers in the West pay for all the consequences of the crisis, which they gave birth to his greed.

Ordinary people everywhere ready to major battles over their destiny and freedom, and to launch a counter-offensive to their exploiters.I think that since it happened in Tunisia and Egypt and elsewhere in our region, people everywhere are fed up and ready to fight over
ever. I hope that in addition to your urgent solidarity actions, you will be able to establish new initiatives to protests and other forms of direct action, on a larger scale than before, against our common enemies, to protect our common interests.

I consider myself a libertarian left and I am deeply convinced that the ongoing struggle of the masses is now in the Middle East has clear libertarian goals, but this is no time for sectarianism on the part of foreign revolutionary anti-capitalist and leftist organizations and activists.This does not mean you have to replace the libertarian goals and means of authoritarian, but that fight this battle, the common position of all the revolutionary anti-capitalist activists and, above all, the total
position for the masses everywhere. By revolution I mean the battle, and you can win it or lose: After what now looks like a "simple" victory in Tunisia and Egypt (which, of course, winning is not), we are now in a more complex area of ​​our struggle,
and since the labor movement found itself at the very beginning, such a struggle can be successful only at the international level.

The upcoming battle is no exception.Of course, these battles are not a pure proletarian, and even the local proletariat, so far played a minor role in these battles. But the truth is that these battles have a very high potential for
major independent labor movement.Right now, faced with the Saudi military occupation, the local unions of Bahrain called for a general strike, while protesters blocked the main road in this small country. Workers in Tunisia, in the mining town Metlauri, fighting with police, protesting with their demands, and already two workers were killed, and the Tunisian government has introduced in this city under curfew. Cases deteriorate and the area Takuir (Taqeer) in Yemen, and dictatorship, seems readyvit massive slaughter.

The protesters in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain will be even bolder and stronger if they can feel and hear your support, so your support can really make a positive impact at this crucial time for the struggle of the Arab masses for their freedom.

Mazen Kamalmaz

Syriac anarchist

full text in English here:

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