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    Hundreds of protesters detained after massive wave of repressions in Belarus

    March 25 was planned by some liberal opposition leaders as the day of the biggest protest against Lukashenko’s policies this year. The biggest one on the wave of the recent anti-governmental demonstrations that started in February this year. It ended with the biggest police mobilization in years bringing thousands of riot cops to Minsk and detaining hundreds of people preventive and during the demonstration. This Saturday capital of Belarus looked like a war zone created by the police.

    Disturbances-lecture 30th of January: Economic or Political Organization -- or both? Anarchism and Trade Unions

    On Saturday 30th of January In Kupoli, Uusi ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 5 B 7th floor. Doors open at 6pm and the lecture starts at 6.15.

    Finnish labor unions have been marked by power struggle between political parties for nearly a hundred years now. Revolutionary syndicalism, born in early 20th century France, tried to end inter-party arguments within labor unions. Revolution was to be achieved solely through economic means without political power struggles.

    In the year 1968 - on nationwide strike and university occupation in Helsinki

    Imagine the following situation. Due to a strike, public transportation is paralyzed all over the country. Some restaurants and shops shut their doors and 30,000 people are gathered in Helsinki to oppose the current cabinet’s austerity measures, despite of wind and rain. This (18th of September - trans.) is the first joint demonstration by all the confederations of labor unions in Finland since the last depression 24 years ago. “And now we are here again” is said on stage at the demonstration.

    Notes from the general strike of 100 million euros

    We flowed among the water and our co-demonstrators to the mass demonstration at the central railway station in Helsinki. We were there to oppose the redistribution of income from the poor and the middle income workers to the rich, and from employees to corporations planned by the cabinet of prime-minister Sipilä. There were more than 30,000 of us.

    SAT 16.5. Sytyke grill

    It's time again to devour seitanburgers!

    A-ryhmä cooks 100% vegan seitanburgers on Restaurantday 16.5.2015 at Karhupuisto from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or as long as there is food left. Come and get your burger with A-ryhmä's famous seitansteak and extinguish your thirst with Club-Mate. We'll be distributing our paper Sytyke at the grill, grab yours!

    Seitan-burger 7€
    Club-Mate -drink 3,5€
    Burger and drink 10€

    SUN 15.3. Disturbances-lecture: Anarchism and labour

    At Kupoli, in the New Student House, Mannerheimintie 5 B, 7th floor.

    Budget food at 4pm, beginning of the lecture at 4:30pm

    In modern society labour is a sacred concept that is at best criticised for its poor conditions. Why is the modern wage slavery problematic in itself and how have the anarchists criticised it? An anarcho-syndicalist view of work might also be presented at the lecture.

    Summary of anarchist support activities for public and welfare services wildcat strike in Helsinki 23rd of September

    The trade union for public and welfare services (JHL) went on wildcat strike to oppose the "marketization" of Palmia, a municipally-owned service enterprise. Right-wing leadership of the city attempts to reorganise 50% of Palmia so that it must participate to tenders, which will lead to substantial wage cuts for the workers. The seizure of subway and tram transport by striking workers proved to be a powerful weapon in the struggle against the bosses. However, the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) organized replacement transportation to nullify its effect.

    War against war! Statement of leftists and anarchists on the confrontation in Ukraine

    In the ongoing conflict, we support neither Ukrainian government nor pro-Russian factions that established their authority on the portion of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. The working class (i.e. everyone who has neither power nor capital) is equally alien both to the concept of ​​unitary Ukraine and to the ideas of ​​”federalization” or creation of new states — these are merely the games of politicians, drawing blood from ordinary people.

    Father Frost against Putin - festival in Helsinki 4th of January 2014

    It is estimated that during Russia's New Year's holiday Finland is visited by hundreads of thousands Russian guests. Only in Helsinki there will be at least 130.000 visitors. Many of them want to make rebellion plans to get rid of Putin's regime and they 'hide' their visit as a normal family holiday without anykind of control by FSB or Center of Extermism. 

    The Power of the Precariat - seminar in Helsinki


    Autonominen opisto, October-November, 2013

    The power of the precariat? is a seminar which deals with the struggles and modes of organization of precarious workers. What are central struggles today in the view of the societal change and improvement of human life? And what kind of modes of organization are born in these struggles?

    Sign the petition with the demand to reinstate Andrey Kutuzov in his teaching position.

    We call on concerned academics around the world to sign the petition to Administration of Tyumen State University and Russian higher education authorities.

    Andrey Kutuzov is a Russian anarchist academic who has been teaching linguistics at Tyumen State University (Western Siberia). He is also an activist and participant in grassroots movements. 7 September 2011 Andrey was dismissed by Gennady Chebotarev, the rector of the University. We believe that Andrey was dismissed because of pressure from the local authorities on the university administration. The official reason for the dismissal was declared “committing an immoral deed” referring to the recent case of repression for his political activities.

    Spain: On the streets against the contracts with subcontractors in the Junta of Galicia

    About a hundred workers at the call of CNT on 26 March this year, took to the streets to Compostela, in protest against the illegal transfer of employees in the privately managed, as well as harassment and dismissal. Despite the bad weather, the demonstration started at noon on the square-Roch-de Compostela and ended at the Plaza de Cervantes performance of the most laid-off workers and the Secretary General of CNT Compostela.

    Video transmission Puffin: Issue № 7 (April 2011)

    The latest news of the anarchist movement in the transfer of "Puffin". In this issue: Khimki hostage. Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow. Sentenced Andrei Kutuzov. Rally Losino-Petrovac for "pure water". The story of trade union activists Urusov. Demonstration of distrust to a single Russian in Tutaev. Picket Alliance for Animal Rights in Petrozavodsk. The Olympics in Sochi, which will destroy us along with you. Countless tournaments for young people with anti-fascist views. Libertarian Communism 2011. The film "Anarchy. Direct action.

    A new issue of anarcho-sindikalistkoy newspaper "Black Star"

    Left № 21 newspaper Black Star. " The newspaper publishes an anarcho-syndicalist BNIC Workers Union. In the room: "The catastrophic events of the summer in Russia - the fires, crop failure," "Work rebellion in Mezhdurechensk", "Events in Khimki," "The struggle of tenants against cutting parks," "Repression in Belarus", "uprisings in France and Greece "" Students struggle in the UK "," militant trade unions or workers' councils?

    London: Hundreds of thousands of people protesting the policies of the Conservative budget cuts (photos)

    In London, during a protest march against the government policy of budget cuts which was attended by up to 500 thousand. man flashed class struggles. The protesters ransacked shops and a bank office in downtown. Reportedly for participating in the riots were arrested more than 200 people. During the clashes injured at least 38 people, including demonstrators and police.

    Belgium: European Trade Union march against against the summit of the European Union in Brussels (photos)

    March 24th tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Brussels, where on this day EU summit was held. The demonstrators were protesting against the policies of the EU economy. In several districts of Brussels were formed columns of demonstrators who were supposed to meet around the building, which comprises heads of EU states. In columns involved workers and employees in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg. According to the European trade unions who organized the march, the number of participants had reached 20-30 thousand people. Were reported clashes with the police.

    Call for international support for African and Middle Eastern revolutions

    Your solidarity is undoubtedly vital, but I think it's time to start the broader actions and demonstrations in support of the people in revolt in the Middle East and North Africa. These protests should be directed not only against local dictatorships, but also against their patrons ... it also means to protest against the politics of manipulation of the imperialist forces, the very forces that seek to force the workers in the West pay for all the consequences of the crisis, which they gave birth to his greed.

    Dropkick Murphys recorded a new song in support of workers in Wisconsin!

    In America not so much rock and roll groups, solidarity with the trade union movement as well as the . It is not surprising that the group released their new song "Take 'Em Down" in support of thousands of union workers of Wisconsin and their supporters protesting against the draconian budget plan, prinyatnogo governor of the state.

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