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Belarus: In criminal cases, arrest Belarusian anarchists are preparing to transfer to the court

In the month of April is likely trial of detainees held by anarchists passing on criminal cases related to the arson and attacks on goss.uchrezhdeniya and capitalist property. Comrades in custody, as well as those who still remain under the close supervision of the special services needed moral support and, of course, will. We have not yet come back to background events of September and will take appropriate action to protect repressed. The current generation of Belarusian anarchists started up under the roller of the repressive system of state-selected companions threaten prison terms, but this is not the moment of truth.

Follow the events and actively participates in the companies supporting the repressed anarchist.More constructive program of action at this stage, we will offer soon.

In late August last year, Minsk police, together with the KGB and GUBOP actively investigating the action of activists of the anarchist movement, which, according to investigators, are to attack the Russian embassy in Minsk and other incidents at the rear goss.uchrezhdeny.Anarchists arrested familiar with criminal cases, the human rights center "Spring".

Human rights activist Alexander Yarashevich told the latest news about the detainees anarchists:

Maxim Vetkin, Alexander and Nicholas Frantskevich Dzyadok are now in prison in Volodarsky and Igor Olinevicha kept in the KGB jail. Now they get acquainted with materials of criminal cases. Someone meets separately from the lawyers, some together. Approximately April 12 to end review of the last of them, and then it will transmit to the prosecutor's office, where it will go to court.Therefore we can expect the court in late April, and possibly a little earlier. "

Activists have been exposed to prosecution on several numbers for the Criminal Code of Belarus, among which the most common - hooliganism, but according to the most serious punishment - the deliberate damage or destruction of property. Punished for it 12 years imprisonment.

In addition, Alexander Frantskevich was billed an additional charge - hacking site Novopolotsk City Council.Such actions are punishable by the Penal Code numbers for "computer sabotage".

Frantskevich - one of the arrested men, who partly recognized in deed, "says Alexander Yarashevich:" Just know that Nick and Igor Dzyadok Olinevich not plead guilty. Only Alexander Frantskevich acknowledged that shot on camera then, someone threw a Fire in a police station in Soligorsk. And Igor Olinevich a propaganda film BT Anarchy.Direct Action "agrees that participated in the anti-militarist march, which took place in September 2009, but did not think it's bullying."

In the case of the anarchists - a few episodes. Among them throwing Molotov cocktails at Russian Embassy in Minsk, which was damaged by a car.

Damage to buildings on the prison ul.Okrestina, casino in Minsk "Shangri-La", the building trade unions, branch Belarusbank "and other incidents.

During the investigation, had been arrested dozens of activists, not only of the anarchist movement, but also environmental activists - the "green" opponent of nuclear power plant, etc.activists. According to reports, with the majority of those detained in September, has already withdrawn suspicion.

Human rights activists point out that during the investigation of cases of assault and arson committed by anarchists, there have been many violations of the rights of detainees.


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