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Disturbances - Lecture Series presents: CrimethInc. in Helsinki 9th of November

Participants of CrimethInc. collective tell about their project at Mannerheim Hall (Uusi ylioppilastalo, entrance A) 9th of October at 18 PM. Since the mid-1990s, CrimethInc. has been one of the most prolific and ambitious anarchist projects in North America. Participants have crisscrossed the continent for countless tours and actions; produced
books, magazines, and other literature, including 650,000 copies of the primer Fighting for Our Lives; and reported from the front lines of summit protests, riots, anti-repression campaigns, and other adventurous experiments. Always controversial, CrimethInc. has earned the ire of leftists and government agencies while challenging the general public.

In this presentation, longtime participants will reflect on these experiences, presenting material from different eras of CrimethInc. activity and discussing how the context has shifted in the United
States. Examining why US anarchists have followed a trajectory from subcultural rebellion towards generalized insurrection, we will conclude with hypotheses about what the future holds. Please join us for a lively conversation.

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Other dates of the Finnish tour:
05.11. – Tampere
06.11. – Tampere
07.11. – Jyväskylä (Vakiopaine)
08.11. – Turku

Whole Finnish tour in Facebook:

Disturbances - Lecture Series

Disturbances is an open series of lectures and discussions at the crossroads of society, philosophy, history, economy and resistance.

We are already aware that we can not live as  before, but we do not know what the future holds. Others are stuck in the past, but we only want to understand it. Even a small disturbance of an initial condition can lead a system into a completely different state.

Our speakers are Finnish and international anti-authoritarian researchers and activists. Events are organized in cooperation with A-ryhmä and AutOp, two student groups of the University of Helsinki.

Our program is created by the participants themselves, if you want to join or simply get in contact, write

Following events:
9th of November - CrimethInc.
25th of November - Scenarios of Red Finland, Kupoli of Uusi Ylioppilastalo (Entrance B) 2 PM

Antti Rautiainen discusses civil war of 1918 and argues against popular myth of Finnish revolutionary government of 1918 being in a course of becoming a Soviet satellite. This will be held in Finnish without translation unless someone requests in prior to organise talk in English.

9th of December - Victorious Quebec student movement, Kupoli of Uusi Ylioppilastalo (Entrance B) 2 PM

13th of February 2012 students of Quebec of Canada launched a strike against hike of tuition fee, which was joined by up to 150 000 students. Up to half a million people joined protest marches against emergency law to curb the protest. In beginning of the September, after tuition freeze, the remaining student associations on strike voted to return to class. How was this victory organised, and what may we learn from the Quebec students?

Discussion is introduced by participator of the movement from Montreal through internet connection.


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