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Budapest metro meets the Disturbers (inna anarcho-communist style)

In Kupoli, Uusi ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 5 B 7th floor on Sunday December 1st. 

Food available 4pm, Lecture 4.30pm

Budapest Metro brings the revolutionary tradition of Budapest to Helsinki and meets the Disturbers in a real anarcho-communist style. Dub music play as the radical constructivists start their movement and deconstruct the apocapitalist order of our times. The Underground Photographic Architecture shows the forms of our alienated social being and it’s collective antithesis. Join the movement of the Marxist librarian and anarcho-syndicalist Ervin Szabó, the infamous revolutionary Ilona Duczynska, the working class avantgardemaster Lajos Kassák, the situationist architect Attila Kotányi, the lukács-mészárosian philosophical critique of the capital system, poetical communist constructivist Lucien Hervé, and the man playing the tunes of another reality: the musician and etno-musicologist László Hortobágyi.

Tamas Matekovits, writer and photoessayist. The author of the essay book Budapest metro: from below surface beyond capital (Rauhanpuolustajat & Like
Pystykorva series from last winter. Website with further information )


Disturbances is an open series of lectures and discussions at the crossroads of society, philosophy, history, economy and resistance.

We are already aware that we can not live as before, but we do not know what the future holds. Others are stuck in the past, but we only want to understand it. Even a small disturbance of an initial condition can lead a system into a completely different state.

Our speakers are Finnish and international anti-authoritarian researchers and activists. Events are organized in cooperation with A-ryhmä and AutOp, two student groups of the University of Helsinki. You may also follow lecture online (both real-time and recording) at .

Our program is created by the participants themselves, if you want to join or simply get in contact, write .


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