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Russian imprisoned anarchist Ilya Romanov needs your solidarity

Ilya Romanov, a 46-years old Russian anarchist, has been under arrest for more than a year for now, from October 29, 2013. He is charged with an attempt of a terrorist attack (art.30 of 205.1 of Russian Criminal Code) and of illegal manufacturing of explosives (222.1 CC). He declares that his rigths are badly violated. In violation of the law courts held behind closed doors, the investigation takes unreasonably long, and all his complaints rejected. His imprisonment was continued till February 26, 2015.

Ilya was arrested after he came to a hospital badly wounded after a self made firecracker suddenly went off in his hands. The accident happened next to a building occupied by Russian Army draft office. His left hand was torn off. The man was placed in hospital. He was interrogated by the police. The police claimed that was a “homemade explosive device”.

According to anarchist exploded in his hands thing represented the "few tablespoons of pyrotechnic mixture (not explosive) in a box from under the instant noodles, plastic box." "No fission, nothing dangerous. Power of TNT was no more than three grams (and I am able to assess this capacity)", - he writes.

Mass media were quick to report about police raid on Ilya’s apartement that turned up extremist literature and various chemical reagents used for manufacturing of explosive devices.

However, an alternate source claims that police failed to find anything of interest during the raid, instead cops confiscated an empty soda box, some elements of microscope belonging to Ilya’s 16 year old daughter, and a tin can with unknown white substance inside. However, police did confiscate an archive of oppositional press and Ilya’s personal letters (including letters from his time in prison during 2002-2012), his notebook and ID.

Terrorist motives of Romanov investigation proves two files allegedly discovered on his computer. The first file contains misspelled insult to the authorities, and the second is a neo-release edition of "Aryan Terror. Journal of practical preparation of white terrorists. "Romanov insists that both files rigged the result.

"Three employees of CCE (centre to combat extremizm) took me out of prison in the room CCE, already on the road one of the staff started trying to ask me questions regarding my personality and my various friends. My requirements to provide counsel ... blatantly ignored. Indoor CCE I listened to police colonel obscene insults and a variety of threats of physical violence "- so the statement" the Committee against Torture, "said Romanov as December 6, 2013 investigators took him from prison and threats made write a confession. CAE exert pressure on Ilya's family, they have already interrogated his teenage daughter.

Ilya Romanov suggests that the case for the preparation of a terrorist act is falling apart, and therefore against him can be opened a new criminal case. As he writes to the "Committee Against Torture", in September during a court hearing on the extension of preventive measures, senior investigator of the regional FSB Ilya Kaurkin told the court that the FSB is going to show him another charge - either under Art. 280 of the Criminal Code (incitement to extremist activity) or under Art. 205.2 of the Criminal Code (justification of terrorism and incitement to terrorism).

Now Romanov is in custody, his case has not yet been submitted to the court, and the investigative actions conducted with him. His lawyer Gubin suggests that the court case Romanov may be transferred no earlier than mid-January. The investigation has not even started to get acquainted with his client's case file.

Ilya got involved in anarchist movement in late 80’s in Nizhni Novgorod, which was back then named Gorky. One of his first actions in Soviet era was publication of an anarchist leaflet, almost every copy of which ended up to KGB archives.

This is third time he is suspected of involvement in armed struggle. First time he was detained in Moscow in October of 1998, as a suspected member of underground armed group “New Revolutionary Alternative”. Eventually he was sentenced to involuntary treatment in mental hospital, and released in turn of year 2002.

Ilya did not spent long time in freedom, as already in December 2002 he was detained in Ukraine, as one of the suspected members of underground revolutionary organisation. Eventually he spent 10 years in prison. Charges against him included expropriations from jewelry stores and currency exchange offices, illegal trafficking of small arms, bombing of SBU (former KGB) office in Ukraine. 11 arrested were all tortured extremely heavy, 20 year old Sergey Berdyugin died from torture 1st of November 2003. Ilya declined all charges, claimed he was tortured both mentally and physically during pre-trial detention. He went on hunger strikes and cut his veins and neck with a razorblade in courtroom to protest inhumane treatment. He was released in December of 2012.

You may donate to legal costs of Ilya via Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow, for guidelines check . If you send the money specially for the Ilya case let us know by e-mail - abc-msk{@}

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