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Fundraising for punk-rock musician Yaroslav Vilchevski, accused of justification of terrorism

On the 4th of January 2023 32 year old Yaroslav Vilchevski was arrested for posting on his telegram channel about the anarchist Mikhail Zhobitski.  has called him an anarchist, but himself he is identifying himself as animal rights activist and musician. Radio Liberty  some of his comments, and he has also criticized the mass mobilization when it was announced in Russia.

Vilchevski organised several music festivals, such as ”Rock for the protection of animals”, published the zine ”Punk revival”, and was also involved in Food Not Bombs actions. In autumn 2022 he was admining a group on the Vkontakte social network (similar to Facebook), and due to posts there he was arrested. 

Anarchist Black Cross Moscow is raising funds for a lawyer for Yaroslav. You can support the fundraising effort by donating to the Paypal account .
IMPORTANT! Please add a note that the donation is for Vilchevski, because otherwise it is not possible to separate donations to different fundraisers. 

Card of Russian Bank (Sber): 2202  2009  2194  4946 (Marina Borisovna G.)

Currently, Yaroslav is being held in Vladivostok in prison number 1 on remand, and he would be very happy to receive letters: 
Yaroslav Borisovich Vilchevski 1990 g.r
SIZO-1, Partizanski pr. 28b. 
Vladivostok, Primorski Kray 690106 Russian. 
In case your country has halted mail service with Russia, just write via our e-mail address  

Keep up supporting prisoners in Russia

You can find the contact addresses of all prisoners in Russia supported by us . and instructions how to donate . If you want to make a donation to a particular prisoner or case, please contact us beforehand to make sure that the supporters of the prisoner or case are currently gathering donations.



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