Antiekstremizm in Magadan

In the distant and cold Magadan virtually no political life. But there is a local center combating political extremism, which needs good indicators in detection. In the struggle for the staff of the Center are often indicators of ingenuity and resourcefulness. Thus, on 23 June, right on the work of Magadan was detained journalist and social activist Eugene Buzev known for its anti-fascist political police attitudes.
This brought Eugene to the location of the Centre, security officer Alexander Reshetnikov first thing learned (in the absence of witnesses) with the contents of his pockets, not making exceptions for personal letters.Then the brave fighters against extremism, began to be questioned.
Eugene explained that in the city, allegedly, a number of anti-Nazi graffiti on the walls, and that Eugene and some of his friends are suspects. The main motive of forced and sudden arrest was chased: "Well, you are anti-fascist".
In addition, the police have promised to provide the necessary number of witnesses the participation of Eugene in the anti-fascist activities.Witnesses warriors anti-extremism front intended to provide a very peculiar way: calling Eugene names known to him Magadan Nazi officer of the Centre explained that each of them is happy to give all sorts of evidence against anti-fascists. In addition, the police did not forget about the usual set of threats - such as the prison term for failing a crime.
The culmination of the meeting was a proposal from the same Alexander Reshetnikov. He explained Buzevu that the only way to avoid the problems will be his "translation arrow"."Shooters transfer" was proposed by Eugene known anti-fascists. Otherwise, explained Reshetnikov, of Eugene and his cronies, with light bureaucratic procedures will be established "criminal extremist group." The search returned Yevgeny Reshetnikov switchman week, rewriting farewell from the notepad to your phone.
Magadan anti-fascists not the first encounter with government repression. However, the situation is so blatant fabrication of criminal cases and equally open cooperation with the Center for neo-Nazis have a new one.It remains only guess why. Either the police are so afraid of the Far East seaside events that have decided to intimidate all potential malcontents. Whether, in the face of shrinking the Interior Ministry, Magadan Center "E" has decided to increase the activity, which would somehow justify its existence.
Magadan antifascists
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