Belgorod: An action of solidarity with Belarusian activists

October 14 affinity-group Belgorod anarchists "White City Locos" and sympathizers was an action of solidarity with Belarusian activists. It was organized unauthorized procession in the city center accompanied by distribution of leaflets.

Since early September, continuing an unprecedented pressure on social activists in Belarus. After the attempted arson of the Russian embassy on the night of 30 to 31 August 2010 and began prezidentstkoy's campaign about a hundred activists from different cities: Grodno, Brest, Gomel, Minsk, Salihorsk passed through conversations, KGB interrogations, arrests, some still remain in custody.

India: Chronology of Repression

September 3, 2010
Start of repression: the first arrest.

At 6.20 am on the rented apartment six anarchists broke law enforcement officers in masks and with guns.They began embossing boards doors and pull out all the beds are in the apartment mates, having put their face into the floor.After that, the activists were taken to different rooms and put a face to the wall. Do anarchists began to ask about your own home, where later were also raided. About an hour activists held pressed against the wall, not allowing to turn around. All the while, the police conducted a search, and were videotaped. Selecting the right things, they brought witnesses, and their presence was confiscated in the apartment available anarchist literature, as well as CDs, 5 computers and 2 laptops, flash drives and phones.Around 12.00 hours all his comrades were taken to GUBOP Interior Ministry for questioning.

The same day, cops were raided five other apartments in Minsk. As of September 3, cops had arrested seven activists of the anarchist movement. Also this afternoon searches were held in Salihorsk (Minsk region). Detained in Salihorsk taken to the police station and questioned about his involvement to the anarchist movement, seized a computer and books, and then released. Anarchists detainees were interrogated for their involvement in the thrown at the Russian Embassy in Minsk Molotov cocktails, what happened on Aug. 30, 2010.Responsibility for the arson took the

Statement of the Group was published on an independent Web resource, which is across the globe stands a news platform for the anarchists. However bel.indimediya removed the statement of the group and announced a share, a provocation. Site "Revolutionary Action" issued a statement of the Friends of Liberty "and .In the dungeons GUBOP activists were photos and video. After which the anarchists were transferred to IVS Akrestin on suspicion of committing the crime and was detained for three days.

4 - 6 September
Arrest and interrogation of detainees Friends

As a result of sudden Hapuna on Friday, September 3 cops managed to intercept personal contacts of some anarchists. Phone numbers, mail forwarding, etc. The cops are starting to develop these contacts and, thus, painting a huge list of people who must be subjected to interrogation.Start questioning and prosecution of friends and relatives of the detained anarchists. Salihorsk emerges about the repeated interrogations of people.

Autonomous anarchists meet once a radical action.

Meanwhile an anarchist group "Friends of Liberty holds a radical action, . The Group publishes a statement of Indymedia and video report from the rally, and assumes responsibility for all the recent drastic action, demanding the release of all detained anarchists, and the immediate cessation of repression.Indymedia deletes the news again and again announces share provocation. Site managed to captivate a part of the movement for many Anarchs supported the administration's resource with certain reservations, however, a number of anarchists advocate strongly against censorship, Indymedia accused of betraying the principles of anarchist and announce .

On suspicion of involvement in this campaign on Monday September 6 has been delayed one more public activist Tatyana Seminischeva.During the raid on her apartment were seized mobile phones, hard drive and flash drive. After talking with law enforcement officials Tatiana released.

New arrests

September 8 Tatiana Seminischevu been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the incident at the Russian embassy. Unable to withstand the rough treatment during interrogations, Tanya, in protest cut her arm with a knife stationery.Also this afternoon, was arrested ecologist Vladimir Volodin and Alexander Bugaev. Vladimir was arrested on suspicion of involvement in . Alexander -

Re-arrest of anarchists

On Monday, Sept. 6 arrested Sept. 3 anarchists extended conclusion for three days in the case of property damage in the House of Trade Unions.

7-12 September
Security services took up the regions.

At KGB interrogations begin to pull activists in Gomel, Brest, Grodno, etc.All interested interrogated about the location of their August 30, as well as the possibility of mass protests, the anarchists in these cities. In Minsk, every day cops seize dozens of people and dumped them in for questioning, some were arrested after questioning. Grab people from the field of study, from their own apartments, all confiscated computers and literature. Detainees September 3 give three more days in jail, suspecting them of arson "Belarusbank.

First release

September 12 release of five of the seven detained on 3 September.

14 - 30 September
Repression continued

During this period, were arrested three more people along the way releasing detainees from the September 8, and even more people called in for questioning.Virtually all those arrested were in the ITT Akrestin for six days. Periodically, some of those who were previously detained and released, causing the police department and OCD. Law enforcement agencies are attempting to psychological pressure.People take away from the field study and work, forcing them off guard and threatening with expulsion from school or fired from jobs.

Also reports on the new raids on homes of activists engaged in communication with the relatives of prisoners and journalists. The apartments are new detainees UBOPovtsy GBshniki and out the door, and seized books and computers. People falling in prison, like most previous detainees are already debugged scheme perezaderzhaniya. They were allegedly released at the expiration of three days, but then perezaderzhivayut the new case for three days, without giving leave prison.The minutes of the detainees appear that they were detained "on direct suspicion." Thereby, it allows the cops to keep people in their jails for a long time, subjecting them to grueling interrogations and psychological pressure.

GUBOP actually investigating three incidents in which people and arrested. This attack on the building trade unions, arson department "Belarusbank" and an attack on ITT Akrestin. The incident at the Russian embassy, which served as a pretext for the denouement of repression is no longer seen.GUBOP forces interrogated to testify against the arrested anarchists. Due to what they are able to keep in prison cells for about a month of two men, Nicholas and Alexandra Dedkov Frantskevych.

Lawlessness government does not stop

Beginning of October to mark all the same: a series of interrogations, searches and harassment of people. In total, since the beginning of September GUBOP KGB and interrogated more than a hundred activists of the anarchist movement, their relatives and friends.Arrested and placed in a detention center were 13 people who were later freed 11 people, two of the anarchists are still in prison dungeons. Two more - Igor Olinevich and Dmitry Dubovsky - are wanted and forced into hiding. Investigators are interested in terms of communicating interrogation (including information about telephone conversations), require to identify people in photographs from the concerts, are actively urging to "correct" testify against anarchist Nicholas Dedkov.

Help & Support

At the moment, in custody there are two anarchists who need your support and help.These two:

- Nicholas Dzyadok is in custody at the address: Minsk, 220050, st. Volodarsky, 2, prison-1, k.42. Nicholas is accused of st.339 Part 2. to participate in
- Alexander Frantskevich is in custody at the address: Minsk, 220050, st. Volodarsky 2 jail 1, room 46. Alexander is accused of assault on
Poppyimalny sentence for the charges - 6 years.

Past actions of solidarity:

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