The detainee in Zhukovsky on the case of Khimki "missing


August 22 about 13 hours of the day on duty ATC urban district of Khimki lawyer said that the detainee on his way to a concert in Zhukovsky, Alexander Pakhotin is the police department, he was charged with two administrative offense, and "he is a criminal case." In any case it is Pakhotin, and what administrative offenses he committed, the duty to inform refused.

From his words, August 23, Monday, Pakhotin must deliver to one of the sites Khimki court to consider his crime by a magistrate.
August 22 about 20 hours one of your friends Pakhotin came to UVD urban district of Khimki (street Gogol, House 6) to give him warm clothes and food products.In ATC detainees are not fed, do not give them blankets and bed linen, as such a possibility does not exist in principle. If suddenly the police forces was not a very humane people who have their money bought the food, Alexander at the time of arrival of a friend had not eaten already night.
But this time the receptionist at ATC stated that such a detainee as Alexander Pakhotin they do not, and the police department so do not deliver.Provide additional information he refused, saying that talk is obliged only to relatives or counsel. Alexander Pakhotin - a citizen of Belarus and relatives with him in Moscow there.
If during the day on Aug. 23 Alexander will not find in the magistrates' court Khimki, we will be filed with law enforcement authorities a statement about the kidnapping. As of 10 am in court sites located at Khimki, ul Spartakovskaya, house 3 / 8 argue that the case materials on Pakhotin to them for consideration has been received.

The campaign for the release of hostages Khimki
Contact the campaign: tel.8-915-053-59-12,,,

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