In Tyumen Picket in support of Dennis Solopova, or how law enforcement does not know the laws

Tyumen anti-fascist rally held a single on April 12 at the Consulate of Ukraine in Tumen against the illegal extradition of anti-fascist Dennis Solopova from Ukraine to Russia, where he awaits criminal proceedings for "Khimki case."

Recall, March 2, 2011 a young artist, Khimki Forest defender Denis Solopov was detained near Kiev's migration service, where he requested asylum on the territory of Ukraine. Despite the recognition by Dennis mandate refugees by UNHCR, which indicates the validity of his statements, the Migration Service of Ukraine refused him asylum.Immediately after receiving the rejection, he was arrested. He is accused of involvement in July 28, 2010 in direct action against Khimki forest clearing for the construction of toll motorways. Shevchenko Kiev court on April 4 granted the prosecutor's office in Kiev on the extradition arrest. Denis is now remanded in custody at the time considering his extradition to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

Tyumen young antifascist stood at the Consulate of Ukraine with a banner "Freedom Denis Solopova! No Extradition! ".However, it cost him to deploy as a poster from the consulate took off the police and "security purposes" took the young man poster and brought him to the police booth. Their behavior, they explain the recent terrorist attacks in Belarus and the fact that such activities should be warned in advance. The words of a young man that on the pickets, he is not obliged to notify anyone, according to Article 7 of the FZ-54, police responded only to questions: "What is a Picket? What-what law? And what is it? And which country is the law? "(Really, what?).In vain the young man tried to shame the police not knowing the laws and the commission of illegal acts: "Our work to protect" - they answered.

After becoming acquainted with the police FZ-54 on their faces expressed doubts and anger, but to give a poster they did not until it's on the radio "permission". "If allowed, - cautiously added," conservatives ".While waiting for "permission" the police were interested in a young person who the anti-fascists, because fascism is no more. " 30 minutes after the arrest a "permit" it's still a young man again stood with a placard. During the picket from the consulate came out a man a solid appearance, with an expression of discontent was reading the inscription on the poster, spoke to the police, pointing to the picketing.

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