English pages of Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow are up again, prisoner list updated

At some point last year our wiki, including the prisoner list, got broken, but during last weeks we have recovered

Starting point is here: http://wiki.avtonom.org/en/index.php/Anarchist_Black_Cross

At this point, our English pages has only prisoners from former Soviet Union, but if you want to help us to
have a wider perspective, you are welcome to register to wiki anytime!

Our prisoner list is here: http://wiki.avtonom.org/en/index.php/Category:Prisoners_in_former_Soviet...

International prisoner list (in Russian language, by category)

Right now, we list following 7 prisoners from the former Soviet Union. Some other anti-fascists and anti-authoritarians are currently remained (Alexey "Shkobar" Olesinov, 3 alleged Pussy Riot members etc.), but as remand prisoners are not allowed mail, we do not list them.

Of the 7 prisoners, only Rinat Sultanov, anarchist anti-fascist from St. Petersburg, is held in Russia. He is expected to be out on parole soon. Rest of the six prisoners are from Belarus, they were all jailed last years for suspected insurgent activities against the Lukashenko regime. Five of them are anarchists, whereas sixth, Jauhen Vas'kovich, is a Christian democrat who decided to join to a common front with anarchist insurgents. For photos of the prisoners, visit our wiki.

Note that Belarus is a bilingual country, official and preferred names of most of the arrested are in Belarusian language, thus we list prisoners by their Belarusian names. But as prisoner registry of prisons is organised in Russian language, we list addresses with Russian names, when they differ from Belarusian names. Below,

Ihar Alinevich

Olinevich Igor Vladimirovich Otryad 12, Brigada 120, IU "IK-10", Tehnicheskaya ul. 8, g. Novopolotsk 211445 Vitebskaya oblast Belarus

Mikalaj Dziadok

Dedok Nikolai Aleksandrovich, Otryad 4, IK-15 p/o Veyno, Slavgorodskoe shosse, 183, 213105 Mogilev Belarus

Aliaksandar Frantskievich

Frantskevich Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Otryad 2, IK-22 "Volchi nory" st. Domanovo, Ivachevichkiy rayon 225295 Brestskaya oblast Belarus

Artsiom Prakapenka

Otryad 15, IK-17 213004 Shklov, Mogilevskaya oblast Belarus

Rinat Sultanov

Otryad 7, FKU IK-53, ul. Svobody d.22, pos. Privokzalni 624391 Verhoturye Sverdlovskaya oblast Russia

Pavel Syramolatau

IK-19, Slavgorodskoe shosse 3 km, 213030 Mogilev Belarus

Jauhen Vas'kovich

Yevgeni Sergeevich Vas'kovich Tyurma 4, ul. Krupskoy 99A 212011 Mogilev Belarus

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