Fans of neo-Nazi Dynamo Kyiv fans attacked the anti-fascist Arsenal. Police trying to "hush up" the case

August 15 simultaneously with on the ultra-fascist fans during a match between teams "Discovery of Karelia" (Petrozavodsk) - Phosphorit (Kingisepp) there was another armed attack. In Kiev after the match Arsenal (Kiev) - "Volyn" ( Lutsk) experienced the largest armed attacks perpetrated by the extreme right in the capital of Ukraine. At 30 fans of Arsenal attacked 50 neo-Nazis among fans of the capital's "Dynamo". Mass brawl on the basis of ideological strife occurred between the stadium and subway im.Bannikova Palace of Ukraine ".

The incident went beyond football clashes: the attackers were armed with knives, brass knuckles and a big gas bottle to break up street demonstrations.Fallen to the ground violently slaughtered.

Povaliy anti-fascists on the ground, neo-Nazis inflicted particularly severe injuries to several people with knives and blunt objects. One of the stretcher fans of Arsenal inflicted two knife stab in the chest, and then turned what would strike back.The blow caught the lungs, in consequence of that guy was operated on. Other victims of the attack were burns on the face of pepper gas and head injuries. Yet another victim was taken to hospital with broken teeth and a partial loss of memory. Thanks to the efforts of doctors life seriously injured out of danger.

In a number of news sites at once there were reports of an attack by 60 anti-fascists. Some of these messages at once has been removed.

Immediately after the fight were detained 4 (according to some information - 6) attackers.One of them found a bloody knife. Pecherske police department does not want to open a criminal case and deny the ideological background. But it is clear that neo-Nazis came to revealing "punish" those who attend the fan-sector, free from the far right.


The attack, organized extreme-football fan "firm" with a symbolic name «Terror Family». The presence of a stable union and illegal activities allowed include "firm" to a criminal group.Among them are active neo-Nazis who were brought to criminal responsibility. With him on the fan-sector Dynamo appear swastikas and Celtic crosses. An example for inheritance they consider extreme fans of the Italian Lazio, taking over the chants of type "Duce". Ultrarights "Dinamo" hate any fans who do not accept the fascist ideology.

Fans of Arsenal

The capital Arsenal remains the only club in Ukraine, the fans who have declared their opposition to racism in the stands, though not all fans are activists in the anti-fascist movement.Because of its anti-racist position "arsenaltsy" often becomes the target of armed attacks, but this case is unprecedented.

Banner memory antifascists Borodaenko Elijah, who died Angraske (Irkutsk region). during an armed attack by a group of neo-Nazis to environmental camp.

Banner "arsenaltsev" at the match in support of the arrested anti-fascists Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova


Bewildering behavior of law enforcement officers in this situation.Immediately after the match, two police buses (including bus "Berkut") left the stadium, obviously, given the non-aggressive Volhynia fans. The threat of attack from fans of Dynamo law enforcers ignored, although the incidents had occurred previously.

Nevertheless, after the attack were still detained, according to various media, from 4 to 6 attackers neo-Nazis. One of them was found a bloody knife. However, the law enforcement agencies argue that the knives had a home or a "contractual" in nature and refuse to initiate criminal proceedings, even into the attack and the availability of victims.

Police refused to accept a statement about a crime, because "... the victim, in a state of temporary insanity, can say, with whom he came to football."Although it must have been to arouse the initiative of the police, because the offense is serious - intentional attempted murder. The reason for the criminal case also was to serve as a message to police, who detained the attackers at the scene or in the act (paragraph 2 of Part 1 st.97 Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine).

One of the victims, who recorded a partial loss of memory, the police staged an interrogation without the permission of a doctor.During the interrogation the police shouted and psychological pressure, insisting that the fight took place "by mutual agreement.

All this can be seen the desire to hush up the case and the police to hide his ideological subtext. Inregion of do not want to recognize that in Ukraine there are neo-Nazi gang, which in the heart of the capital actually organize the massive armed attacks.

Antifascists try to inform about the incident many people as possible and intend to put the issue before the Commissioner for Human Rights to stop the Nazi terror.

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