G20: We are in the door - we are in the window

"In fact, anarchists outwitted authors extensive security plan, taking advantage of the lack of security forces in vulnerable parts of the city. The police were concentrated along the route of mass protests and the perimeter of the summit "-
June 26, 2010 thousands of anarchists and other protesters gathered outside the security perimeter of .People are not afraid to go against the black .

The subsequent riots provoked an outburst of indignation officials and commentators corporate media. We pay tribute to those who are exposed to great risk, and destroyed the illusion of public consensus and demonstrated human anger, directed against the leaders of the G20 and the capitalist system, which they defend. If you risked @ their freedom on the streets of Toronto, thank you.

Landscape Apocalypse

They are in the door ...

As anarchists, we do not simply oppose certain methods G20-though preliminary provisions of the program, is really very disturbing. We are in opposition to the very core of G20. It does not matter, G7, G8, G20, or G1000, - any structure, which grants the states the right to decide the destinies of millions of people - the vast structure of the elitist and freedom.We are fighting against the G20 summit because we believe: only horizontal initiatives will help us to cope with the urgent problems of our time.

The financial crisis, environmental devastation, and harassment of dissidents are inevitable consequences of the capitalist model of economy and hierarchical political systems, focusing all power in the hands of a few unscrupulous leaders. When all of us to makecompete for resources and power at any cost, rather than to respect our freedom to develop a lifestyle based on donation and peaceful coexistence, no oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, no false pathos official appeals should not surprise us.

Late for reform

The world that power like trying to build, you can see now, if you look at the security system created to protect the summit from the local population, who must live among the consequences of such events.Part of the center of Toronto has been fenced. Some gave police special powers. against the organizers of the protests did not become something that goes out of the ordinary: a similar raid took place, for example, on the eve in 2008.When the security forces over the weekend (mostly law-abiding citizens), they are not abused by the criminal code, but used a system of justice for the purpose for which it was created: deter possible threats to status quo.

. This means that, hitherto a strong state control over the local poor and deprived citizens of the benefits, now vanished.Similarly, the disgusting reaction of politicians and corporate media shows that, at last, the protests - is something that they can not co-opt their affair.

Proper use of the resources of corporate media

"Traditionally, crowds gathered to protect communities from outsiders attempting to impose their interests."

Al Sandeen, The Taming of the American Crowds

...They - in the window

Despite the fact that initial reports indicated the small number of participants, in the end the head of the Toronto Police Bill Blair had to admit that involved in radical actions Saturday. The fact that the Prime Minister Dalton MakGvinti called .

Such rhetoric is always the first reaction to the actions of the group, strongly beyond the conventional discourse.Of course, later on, there are and flirting with the activists in the style of "I was there and saw everything." At such moments, when the enemies are trying to intimidate us and make them abandon a chosen course, it is important not to panic. If we do not abandon the radical anti-capitalist action, we can help legitimize the structural opposition to capitalism. If we are ashamed and take advice "well-wishers" - let the enemy decide what is considered acceptable in our struggle with you.It may seem ironic, but the only way is no longer considered "extremists" in the eyes of public opinion - it is constantly reaffirm in word and deed need for radical direct action until long as society does not treat this as an acceptable tool in the struggle against capitalism.

Visit your bank

Shame should not be us, but politicians and police.It is cowardly by those who have never been subjected to police violence, abuse young people, ready to challenge the security personnel with a billion-dollar budget. And many people, whose privileged position - so has developed - based on the total recognition of the value system of the ruling order, are acting quite recklessly when they try to belittle those who lack the breadth of view, to expose those values into question.If we are something and can be described as "mindless destruction and violence" - that is indisputable obedience police, who by the first order of beating unarmed people.

We were shocked at the hypocrisy of those who live in prosperity after centuries of colonization of this country, genocide and exploitation, and at the same time, prefers to focus on a pair of broken windows. We deterred doublethink police, who is appealing to the "public safety" to justify , including serious violations of the laws which the police allegedly supposed to protect during the brazen and massacres of civilians.We despise the false media, which did not miss any opportunity to discredit the anarchists. For example, it is alleged that the on the protests against the G20 in London in 2009 to blame the demonstrators. Hushed the fact that this death - soulless and shameless police crime.

"Do you want to imagine the future - imagine a policeman shoes, coming on the face of a man" - George Orwell

On the other hand, we are truly inspired by our comrades in Toronto.Amazing that the anarchists managed to achieve so much, despite the collected force against them. And though we fear a major wave of repression, the events of 26 th June 2010 did much to destroy the illusion that our rulers are invincible.

This does not mean that we can be complacent during the summer riots.If anarchists could destroy the shopping area and set fire to several police cars, being surrounded by twenty times the superior forces of the police, think about how much easier - and more important - fight where you live day by day. Riots against the summit - a powerful symbolic gesture of refusal. This symbolizes that we are ready to go to the end - but it will all be in vain unless we fail to go beyond symbolism and achieve something tangible.Experts and politicians from the revolution are happy when anarchists are limited to symbolic gestures, rather than to tackle in earnest in the cause of the final overthrow of capitalism.

Break through the barriers

With the deterioration of economic and environmental conditions, social conflict will grow and one day ahead of us will be no problem to raise the riots, but to achieve something greater.If anarchists are not able to establish itself as a prominent opponents of the existing order, our course will take place fascists and fundamentalists. In light of the foregoing, may be important to devote himself to the visible protests against the summit. At the same time in the long run we will win or lose depending on how effectively we use the opportunity to bring our vision to other people how to effectively be able to capture the space and resources that will enable us to demonstrate the benefits of anarchist organization of society.
Let the light of sirens mixed with the smoke in the western sky of the city. Let tear gas grenades falling on the heads of spectators consumption. Suppose that we will be able to use the slightest opportunity to strike at our oppressors and encouragement of our friends, neighbors and colleagues. Let them follow our example. Now the urgent question is: how to apply this audacity and courage, witnesses toOroya, we were on the streets of Toronto, to win back the state of our own communities and creative opportunities?

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