In Moscow, migrant workers came to the protest

January 11 in the area Cheryomushki in the south-west of Moscow immigrants from Kyrgyzstan came to protest against mass checks of visitors during the Christmas holidays. About 30 protesters guest workers were detained by police and taken to the district police station. Information about the fate of the detainees there. The grounds for the detention of the protesters called the police violation of the order of events. However, official reports that the action was not consistent with the prefecture, has been reported. During the raids, MBF in the New Year celebrations in Moscow were detained more than 200 foreigners. "Federal Migration Service has changed its tactics work.Now we not only check the concrete objects and the residential sector in the New Year holidays our employees started to watch on the streets of Moscow in areas with large concentrations of people, "- said on Sunday, Interfax press secretary Capital Management FMS Zalina Kornilov. Employees of the migration service duty in the purple vests on the streets and squares of Moscow, at the exits from the underground. First of all we pay attention to aimlessly milling about foreigners "- the spokeswoman said FMS. Meanwhile, international human rights organization Amnesty International said that in Moscow on New Year's night, there were mass arrests of immigrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia. Amnesty International is also concerned that the police arbitrarily not let the Red Square in Moscow for the traditional New Year celebrations the night dozens of people, especially non-Slavic appearance.Many are reportedly checked documents. Some had reportedly been arrested and sent to a remote police station, where later released.According to information from various sources, the number of people from Central Asia and Caucasus, arbitrarily stopped and detained by police on his way to Red Square, ranging from a few dozen to several hundred people, the statement said Amnesty International. Source:

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