Oleg need help

Currently ABC-Moscow collects money for treatment activists from Izhevsk Oleg S. Six years ago, in February 2004, at the picket against the war in Chechnya was attacked Nazi skinheads. With cries of "Sieg Heil!" and "White power!" They surrounded a group of protesters and violently, with the use of reinforcement, beat two - Oleg S. and Alexander Z. Oleg received a serious head injury and three months in hospital. But after treating the condition Oleg has not stabilized. Remained constant headaches, weakness and problems with memory and concentration after 3-4 hours of vigorous activity.The state of health is still not allows him to function normally and to learn. Despite this, Oleg is an active participant in the anarchist movement in the city.
The first years after the injury Oleg twice a year, was in the hospital, but after a reorientation of our medicine at a total cost savings and reduce the number of beds in hospitals, doctors no longer prescribe him directions to the hospital. Oleg needy family (mother - disabled, no father, brother, student) and can not pay for his treatment.
In 2008, the Anarchist Black Cross paid Oleg diagnosis by specialists in a specialized clinic in Moscow, and then ACHK by members anti-fascist and anarchist movements funded treatment Oleg every six months. Now Oleg need to go re-examined in the clinic and another course of treatment.
Request to all indifferent to take part in collecting money.
You can transfer money to the purse fund ACHK Yandex.Money - 41001188576819
Or, to put the account at any ATM ACHK Alfa Bank, working on the reception of money, the account number - 40817810704230017583 (Russian Ruble).List of ATMs at Alfa Bank: alfabank.ru / atm
Or refer you to the participants personally familiar ACHK or "autonomous action".
Tell us about the transfer of money (state purpose of payment and amount) at abc-msk (at) riseup.net
To learn how to fill up a purse at Yandex you can read the link http://money.yandex.ru/prepaid.xml
Learn more about ACHK: www.avtonom.org/abc

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