The photo of the person allegedly similar to Dmitry Buchenkov has been found

"OVD-INFO" (russian NGO which observes police repressions) has found photos of Bolotnaya Square on May 6, 2012. In the center the person in black "which in Investigative committee (Russian analog of FBI) is considered to be Dmitry Buchenkov". According to Buchenkov's companions, it is obviouslu another person. Any person who has seen Dmitry Buchenkov at least once, would understand that there is different person on this photo. But our state and its repressive structures probably have "problems with sight", giving out a photo of the unknown person for a photo Dmitry.

We will remind, Dmitry Buchenkov was detained on December 2 after a search which passed in the apartment of his partner. According to her, this day their engagement had to take place. The search proceeded for some hours then tha statuf of Buchenkov was changed from the witness to accused, and he was taken away in the unknown direction for interrogation, after that all of the contacts with him were lost.

The interrogation has carried out an act of physical confrontation with OMON fighter, who allegedly has identified Buchenkov as a person who offered resistance despite the fact that 3.5 years has passed and police officer had a helmet on his head. The same day another search took place in apartments of Buchenkov’s parents in Nizhny Novgorod.

On 3 of December Basmanny Court of Moscow has sentenced Dmitry to 2 months of arrest in detention facility. The fact that arrest and criminal case are connected with “Bolotnaya case” the court has only officially declared on 4 of December.

Buchenkov is accused in participation in mass riots (The 2nd Art. Of 212 Criminal Code) and acts of non-life-threatening violence to representative of authorities (The 1 Art. Of 318 Criminal Code). These charges are standard for “Bolotnaya case”.



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